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One data allowance across all devices

It would be great if it was possible to have one data allowance for all of your devices.
I currently have 500gb broadband data but it would be great if i could use that with my phone over 4g instead of the 2.5gb mobile data.
Like Telstra Air but instead using 4g so it can be accessed anywhere, not just wifi hotspots.
One account for all devices

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: One data allowance across all devices

Yes, it would be awesome, but it certainly not going to happen anytime soon...


The mobile network wouldn't be able to handle everyone using their 50-1000GB allowances over it... 

It isn't designed to handle such huge loads of data...



You're certainly not the first person to think about it, or even suggest it, but considering the largest mobile broadband plan is still 25GB, I doubt they are going to let people have 500GB any time soon...

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