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Overcharging data meter on mobile broadband

I have a Telstra mobile Broadband Freedom 8GB plan, with a 4G wifi device.  The Plan is $50 min/mth with $15/mth for the device.  Since October 2013 my bills have been consistent with no excess usage charges ($65/mth).  There have been no changes to the way we use the Internet, we don't download movies, just music ocassionally & as I said no changes to our usage habits. 


My April bill has arrived this morning with a strange anomaly of a 5 day period where our usage appears to have increased enormously.  Apart from our bill going from $65 to $565, which is alarming enough, I am concerned about the Broadband being secure & our ability to ensure this is sorted out & this doesn't happen again. 


Is there a known problem/ issue with Broadband metering?  The 5 day period is 11th to the 15th of April inclusive.  Following this period, (16th April - 23rd) although still listed on the "calls & charges ineligible for plan allowance"  there is no excess charge for Internet usage. 


After reviewing the "Critical information summary" for my plan, it states that I would automatically receive an email alerting me to reaching 50%, 85% & 100% of my data allowance.  I have never received any such emails.  I am familiar with them as we also have a virgin mobile device & they do email at various allowance usage increments.


Does anyone have any experience of this & how did you sort it out?  I am a very reluctant Telstra customer to begin with, I am after as direct a route as possible, as 40+ mins on hold then getting cut off,  to then not have my issue dealt with over the phone does not inspire me.  Nor does any of this inspire me to continue with the contract after October. 



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Re: Overcharging data meter on mobile broadband

I contacted 24 x 7 chat, it took nearly 2 hours online (half of which was waiting in a que). But I did chat with someone who was very helpful & I believe this issue is resolved. However I will confirm this when the resolution appears on my account.

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