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Poor service...

I think it's about time we ALL,...Telstra customers get behind each other and lets DEMAND  a better service. Management get paid for never being seen or Heard. They keep taking our money, keep giving us a service that bloody doesn't work and now, NBN - firstly they claim I had to go on higher new plan, when we are 2 retiries, who only use ph to contact family. NBN is so bloody slow I will die sitting in front of the laptop waiting... If I only had the energy to write about the problems I have had with this mob. I am physically and mentally exhausted even thinking about it. I'll just mention one of the numerous problems I had experienced.  I have even had their debt collecting agency chase me while I was on holidays, for weeks, Threating to take me to court, plus cutting my service if I don't pay for a $1000 ph I never had? Can u imagine sitting on the bus, ON holidays, getting pounded for something you never had???? I was literally crying having to over and over again explain to the debt agency I didn't have it. The incompetent staff at Hoppers Crossing in the meantime, had it sitting in their back room, instead of returning it to head office. I can honestly write a BOOK. It can be achieved with people power.  We need to get The Omberdsman, Current Affair and Tom Elliot behind the poor service. Everyone you speak with is just frustrated. How do they get away with it?????

I have to say, in my working life I have always and managed Credit Depts. The first thing I ever did was follow up the complaint from the customer, till it was resolved by the company, before putting any account into hands of the debt collection agencies. I honestly would love to get into Telstra's credit dept and teach them how to listen to the customer then go to management. You tell me why a company this big, who boasts of many a HIGH profit each year, can't stop scam mail coming thru???

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Re: Poor service...

Regarding your criticism of NBN, Telstra can only re-sell what NBN provide.

NBN can only provide what the current government tell NBN to do, as the government owns NBN.

I am unable to go through your post.

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