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Today I went to the rockingham telstra store to ask about your data plans. I was informed of your day2day data plan and, with the tale I was spun, I purchased a sim for myself and my partner; As a sole result of being told that it was 1gb a day (not 100mb). I will be returning to the store and be demanding a refund first thing tomorrow. I have no use for 100mb as it is worse than my previous deal. I highly expect to not have a response from you by then but I wanted it in writing for when I eventually have to escalate this matter. If someone from customer service could get in contact with me I would appreciate it.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Refund

Hi @Angry15,


Thanks for contacting us. Our Day2Day prepaid plan includes 100MB of data a day and not 1GB. I apologise if there were any misunderstandings. If you require a plan that includes more data, you may want to consider our Pre-Paid Max plan. Recharges start from $30 and include 8GB of data. You can also save up to 200GB of unused data with Data Bank. Further information about our Pre-Paid Max plan can be found here Let me know if you have any questions. 


- Tim 

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