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Telstra ripping off paying customers

Telstra have dishonored their $30 prepaid Telstra's recharge

Telstra have not honoured their services and only 10g of data had been applied.

I rang Telstra and the consultant denied any such plan / premotion

That is clearly stated on their website. Which I have taken photos of. My bonus data hasn't been applied yet , Telstra consultant hang up on me!

Industry giants. Multy billion dollar company and can't even honour their paying customers.

Greed. Ignorance. Poor service.

Fraudulent. Companies of this stature should be highly penalized as reminder to honour their loyal customers. Not try and scam every cent they possibly can out of their customers, who just want what they've paid for






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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Telstra ripping off paying customers

@raerae86 You don't get the bonus 10GB on a re-charge as an existing customer. That offer is for new activations and for the first 3 months only.


It clearly says for new Pre-Max customers only.


Are you a new customer who has purchased that SIM during the promotion?





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Re: Telstra ripping off paying customers

Typical Telstra. I’m with the Ombudsman because Telstra did the same. Their “never do anything good for a customer” complaints personnel stated no such rate exists despite me keeping copies of the advertisements. I told them to go back to the phone recordings where I specifically quoted the advertised rates but they refused.  Fraud, theft by deception, false advertising, deliberate false & misleading deception = Telstra standard operating procedure.

Will only accept honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour from corporates and individuals.

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