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Unexplained data usage using BIGPOND Aircard 782S.

I have used BIGPOND Aircard  782S for couple of years on 4GB contract and from time to time I have had hits of unexplained data usage. I try to avoid video streaming, Skype, Viber etc. services.  

I have visited Telstra Shop and I have been advised to upgrade my service from Bigpond to Telstra and share my data with my Telstra phone. This upgrade gave me 10.5GB of shared data. I have been told that I can use new Telstra SIM card in Bigpond 782S with external antenna for better coverage.  It worked OK except I could not get DATA USAGE info from the device. Unexplained data usage still persists and even more severe. I get hits of 0.5GB -3GB from time to time. I  have installed monitoring software on my devices connected, 3G Watchdog on two Android devices and BitMeter on my PC and I could not account and explain excess data usage.

Now the good news!

I have turned off Aircard  782S and now I am using only my mobile phone in Tethering Mode and now it is almost one week and can account almost for every bit. 

My question to you is:

Is there a problem with  BIGPOND Aircard 782S and extra data usage? I like to use Aircard 782S when we are travelling because of external antenna capablity and also it has Telstra Blue Tick for better coverage.


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Unexplained data usage using BIGPOND Aircard 782S.


Not aware of any issues specific to the device, although in order for usage to occur, it must be requested from the network.
I would suggest contacting the Billing Team directly and lodging a Data Usage Dispute (DUD) so that the data can be investigated.

You can contact the team either by phone on 13 22 00 or via Live Chat.


- Matt

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Re: Unexplained data usage using BIGPOND Aircard 782S.

I think the problem is solved.  I have turned off BIGPOND Aircard 782S with Telstra SIM card (not Bigpond SIM card) and now I am using Telstra phone and I can account for all data now.  I think that BIGPOND Aircard 782S.was trying to update firmware, but because it had Telstra SIM card it has failed to update and therefore it downloaded firmware again and again... using data. This is my theory anyway...

If this is the case.  please let Telstra dealers know that Bigpond device in not compatible with  Telstra device.

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