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'Unlimited Free MMS' ripoff

My father was originally on an old school $20 plan for many years. He was upgraded to a $30 (with no choice) but as part of having to be upgraded to the dearer plan he had unlimited calls, SMS and MMS all in Australia plus $20 of extra credit (for data etc). He was meant to never receice a bill of more than $30. Had to upgrade his phone as everyone does at some stage and then he starts to receive ridiculous bills charging him for data. He doesn't use the internet etc, but in order to send and recieve MMS it requires data to be used. Now as far as I am concerned if you have been guaranteed of 'Unlimited Free MMS' as part of your plan, then that should include the necessary data required to perform the action. It doesn't require Telstra shop staff simply turning off his mobile data so he can't send or receive MMS, and it certainly shouldn't require hours and hours of phone conversations of staff guarantees that he will be able to send and recieve MMS without being charged any more that his $30 a month, only to then receive bills in excess again. Telstra have disabled his MMS so he currently can't use it. He is 68 years old, and does not deserve to be stuffed around over this matter. Thought I'd stick my complaint on here as phone calls still don't seem to be working for him and as he doesn't use the internet he has no other means of dealing with this, and hoping someone may have an idea of what to try next. Sort your **bleep** out Telstra

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Re: 'Unlimited Free MMS' ripoff

Hi @CopeyAllan


Very sorry to read about the issues your father has had with his invoices since changing phones.


Regrettably, due to privacy and security reasons we are unable to access most account related information directly via. Crowd Support as a whole.


We would be more than happy to assist you (if you are listed on your fathers account as a legal authority) if you please chat to us securely via Live-Chat or call the billing team on 13 22 00.


Please let us know how you go.


- Jimmy

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