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Unmetered Usage

Is there a cap or limit to how much unmetered data you can use during a billing period. I watched a couple of hours of Foxtel Go on Monday, but when looking at the usage our unmetered is zero and the metered is very high.

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Re: Unmetered Usage

There's a similar post here (https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Data-Usage/Data-usage-and-Foxtel-Go/td-p/347569).  
Foxtel Go on a Telstra internet service is unmetered.  And to answer your question, no there is no cap for unmetered sites/services.

There's a list of other unmetered sites at https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/broadband/manage/bigpond-unmetered-sites
And for guides on Telstra TV data usage https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/entertainment/telstra-tv/understand-telstra-tv-data-use

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Re: Unmetered Usage

Thanks, but still not sure why my unmetered is zero for that particular day, when I know I used the foxtel go app?? 

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Re: Unmetered Usage

Foxtel Go is unmetered on a Telstra Home Broadband (ADSL/Cable/NBN) connection.


It is metered on a mobile connection.


As your post would indicate that you were using it on your mobile, then it would be metered.

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Re: Unmetered Usage

That was a mistake on my behalf - I have put this in the wrong category. I am definately using foxtel go through a broadband connection. It looks like there Telstra have made a classification error, however trying to get someone to fix it has been a nightmare.

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