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Using mobile data for hotspots



I am thinking of moving my old Telstra plan to the BYO $59/month plan with 60 Gb of data.


I was told by the Telstra representative that if I move over to this plan, I will not be able to use my mobile data as a hotspot to connect my laptop. Is this accurate? 


I travel a lot for work and use my laptop for work, so this is a deal breaker.


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Re: Using mobile data for hotspots

I am 99.9% sure that you can. As plans and conditions keep changing, I would speak to another person and get an Interaction Number for future reference, and ask them to write the answer on your customer call record
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Re: Using mobile data for hotspots

TBH, I am not sure how would Telstra determine that you are hotspotting or not...
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