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HTC one - Product Reviews By You (Final Say)

(i) How do you rate HTC One and Gallery features?

(ii) How do you rate the performance of Sense 5 in terms of layout, icons and responsiveness?


(iii) How do you rate the HTC One for:

  • Gaming
  • Emails
  • Messaging
  • Social media

(iv) What are your pros and cons for the HTC One?

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Re: HTC one - Product Reviews By You (Final Say)

OK, so what is a Zoe when it’s at home? I had the same question, but I know you haven’t got half an hour while I explain in great depth, so I’ll try to make it as simple as I can, hopefully!!!!


With the Zoe setting in the camera mode you aim your camera at a subject and it records 3.6 seconds of HD video and 20 photos at about 6 frames per second. What you end up with is a what they call Zoes, photos and videos that are then displayed in a unique way in the gallery and can be stitched together to form a unique 30 sec video with music, transitions and effects taking what would normally be a flat lifeless series of photos and brings them to life.


The gallery does a good job of cataloging your photographic masterpieces and Zoes into events based on time and location in which they were shot. I’ve started renaming them and giving more specific titles to them otherwise I’ll just end up with a stack of suburbs & dates, the HTC One uses you location tracking, and dates, rather than knowing specifically what the photos are.


As I said in an earlier part of this review I like overlays from the manufacturers like Touchwiz from Samsung and Sense from HTC, probably because they have evolved from being annoying to, in most cases, to containing some very useful and smoothly operating features that add too and compliment the basic Android operating system.


One of the main features of Sense 5 is what HTC calls Blinkfeed on your home screen which is a bit like the tiles on Windows phones and RSS feeds. You can customize the sources for news feeds, updates from social networks life facebook, photos whatever. Nicely laid out but personally I like a traditional home screen, which is selectable.

All the icons and widgets on the HTC One are clean and immediately recognisable and can be located on any screen. There’s also the ability to change icon layout from a 3X4 to 4X5 configuration if you wish. There are to start with 3 home screens but you can add as many extra screens as you wish.


I have changed my home screens several times and in fact have changed the clock to the classic HTC Clock/weather widget.


Home Screen.png  screenshot_0608203734.png


In the back room Sense 5 allows for you to make your HTC One your own it’s smooth and easy to use. Didn’t like the Sense 5 keyboard and I’ve installed a keyboard which I’ve had on my Galaxy Note and on my Xoom tablet that goes by the unlikely name of ‘The Hackers Keyboard’. It’s a free app from the Google playstore and works for me.


As far as gaming on the HTC One goes, well I’ll have to admit I’m not someone who sits around all day racing cars around city streets, shooting little green aliens or throwing birds at innocent pigs, however to ensure that I have covered most aspects of this phone I’ve taken 5 mins out of a hectic schedule to have a play, and the One is fast and responsive.


Email options are the usual Android mail and Gmail. Gmail is pretty much, well it is the same across all android phones and works well on the One. The traditional[JD1] Android email also works well but HTC have added through the Sense 5 overlay a unified inbox management system with a dropdown box from the top of your home screen to view all mail or separate accounts so if you have emails on a personal account & a work account& some other account you can access which ever ones you want individually or altogether.


Messaging on the HTC One is really no different to most android offerings, I find the colour scheme of the app a bit bland, and personally for all my texting I use an app called ‘MySMS’, again a free app from the Google Play store, that works better for me.


Again, having gone through the HTC setup where my contacts have all been brought across from my Galaxy Note phone, they’ve all fallen in place for Gmail, normal email and Texting.


Social Media, again not something I spend any great deal of time with, but facebook works, well like facebook, Twitter works like Twitter and Telstra Crowdsupport excels on the HTC One. (Had to say that for fear of life and limb)


Pros and Cons, well the Pros;




From the moment I took it out of the box, fell in love with the design, like a sculpture cast in Aluminium, sleek and attractive, one could nearly say it’s a very ‘Sexy Design’, but the moderators might be on my back if I said that. I’ve heard reports in some quarters about minor manufacturing faults, mostly cosmetic, but the unit I have here is immaculate in it’s Telstra black finish.


Great display screen.


Rich, clear and loud speakers


Fast camera and very efficient camera


Very responsive and fast in all endeavours. I found there is no Lag in any aspect of the phones operation. 4G, WiFi and 3G performance is excellent.




32g storage, no removable sd card. Zoes take up a lot of space and adding extra apps and photos etc. more storage via a removable sd could be needed, although with cloud storage now available I guess that’s the reasoning behind not having it.


Non access to battery. If, and I say if for some reason the battery packs it in, it’s off to the workshop to replace rather than your local battery supplier.


Apart from that, whilst I love the design of the HTC One, I would recommend putting a case on the unit. While it feels great in the hand, it’s a slippy sucker and lacks grip feel. Better to be safe than sorry. I have on my Note 1 and now on the HTC One a case called an 'S' gel case, offers protection and grip and looks super smart, cheap as on ebay about $3.50, yep $3.50 and great value.


It’s a great phone, innovative and well presented, in an ideal world, it would be great to construct a Hybrid from Samsungs offering and the HTC One, but I now understand why most critics are cowning the HTC One as the current King of smartphones.





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Re: HTC one - Product Reviews By You (Final Say)

A final final comment on the One. I'm becoming more and more impressed with this phone not just as a phone, but the camera is proving to be amazing.


Today we four wheel drove Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island off the Qld Coast, took a heap of photos with the One, can't fault any:


One the Beach. (NB. shot through the windscreen of our vehicle whilst driving along.)



A Panorama shot, (my favourite one camera feature) looking over Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island.


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Re: HTC one - Product Reviews By You (Final Say)

Hey everyone, Glad to be back to give you my final say on this great phone. I have used it alot more since the last review and now it's really starting to shine!


(i) How do you rate HTC One Zoe and Gallery features?

I rate both highly, both of these are very rich in features but  HTC one is a power house. They work well, very easy to use and allow you to be creative with lots of possibilities straight from your phone.


HTC Zoe is a great feature on this phone and it seems everyone I've talked to has already heard about it.


 I'll explain a little about  Zoe from what I've learnt, you can turn Zoe on after launching the camera.  Zoe will take around a 3 second HD video with sound whilst taking 20 photos, starting just before you press the shutter button. You can then save images from frames of the Zoe capture from your album if you like.  


In the gallery you can edit your photos add effects,add frames , retouch and transform or watch a slide show of your media(with music). An added bonus is share with your friends via numerous methods.




If you navigate to my photos then events where you will find that the phone actually compiles your photos and Zoes. Based on the date or location the HTC one automatically creates a highlight video. Now this is really cool!


You can choose from 6 different themes with their own music and effect. You can select and or shuffle the content which you would like to see in the highlight video. (I've noticed that this doesnt work as it always seems to add unselected content anyways). You can't select the order content is displayed which is unfortunate.


If you're keen to have a look here is a quick example I've made.


The gallery integrates with facebook therefore displays content from your friends pages.





(ii) How do you rate the performance of Sense 5 in terms of layout, icons and responsiveness?

Sense 5 is fast , fluid and simple. I like BlinkFeed ,  keeping up to date with the latest news, sports, technology, social media and more from your home screen. Simply swiping down to refresh content feeds you have selected. (photos below) The 3x4 icon grid and the icons grouped in folders is uncluttered and easy to navigate. Double tap home for quick multi tasking and swipe up to close a task is great. I did turn off vibration feedback though it's just annoying.





(iii) How do you rate the HTC One for:

  • Gaming

I've played a couple games though nothing to really to push the device (temple run), (drag racing). I find the performance, in game sound(from the front of the device) and display excellent. I'm keen to try more...


  • Emails

I won't go into too much detail here as emails are just emails, I've used email mainly to share photos. Adding my existing accounts was simple. I've had a quick browse through the options I personally like the peak and off-peak sync rates.


  • Messaging

I like messaging on this phone, I found the keyboard to be great with a couple exceptions. The press and hold for emoticons and settings isn't great. Word prediction  and trace is good though I seem to type quicker than trace anyways.

Lastly drafts being displayed in all messages another good thing.


The ability to block messages from a certain number is a good option if someones annoying you Smiley Tongue (this will work for their calls also).



  • Social media

This phone includes Facebook everywhere from BlinkFeed to the gallery even videos in the TV application. Did i mention it also has a Facebook app?  Not sure I like this because its integrated throughout the applications.


(iv) What are your pros and cons for the HTC One?


Phone unibody design,

Feels natural to hold,



Ultrapixel camera, Zoe,


The simplicity of use,

Flash player support,

I've had no problem with battery performance,



No external camera button for quick shots,

Camera position isn't great, (fingers in shots)

Social media is heavily included,




The need of a case to prevent scratches and scuff marks,





 Thanks for taking the time to read my review if you have done so. A special THANK YOU to TELSTRA for giving me the opportunity to review this phone.




* I have been given a One handset by Telstra free of charge for review. The comments expressed by me reflect my user experience and personal opinion.


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Re: HTC one - Product Reviews By You (Final Say)

(i) How do you rate HTC One Zoe and Gallery features?
The ability to simply select between events, albums and locations makes it much easier to find photos. The phone segregating the albums allows you to easily
determine if you took the photo from or for a specific application.

The Polaris slideshow is nifty to show a friend a set of shots - its a slideshow with sound attached that cycles through your day of photos. Better than
flicking through each photo individually.

Zoe is great, I find it better than trying to do a panaromic shot and great for doing action. Because Zoe is just capturing video that you can then freeze frame
you do not get the same stretching weird look as trying to do pieced together still shots. If for some reason you dont want to do a Zoe, the HTC
still allows burst shots as well that are great for action.


(ii) How do you rate the performance of Sense 5 in terms of layout, icons and responsiveness?
The performance is the best I have seen on and android device. There is no noticeable lag no matter what you are doing (switching between apps, using camera
etc). The phone boots super fast as well which is great - other devices are quite annoying after turning off because of the boot time. The One boots
to a useable screen - with service in roughly 15 seconds.

Good things:
The easily changeable layout of the social screen and app screen i.e. Highlights, Faxebook etc for social and Alphabetical and recent for Apps is great.

I know a lot of people that download different launchers purely to get different views where as sense does offer customisation quite simply through menus that are directly accessible from the screen you are working from.


The ability to access things related to screens from where they would be relative to is great for new users e.g. Play Store button in apps screen

For layout thought there are some things that I think could be improved:
- When creating a shortcut from the Application screen when you click and hold you have to move the app to "shortcut" at the top of the screen
and then can move it to where you want. On every other android device I have used it exits from the App view and allows you to put it on your
main screens. I find this annoying but since it gives you two options (Shortcut and Uninstall) i think it would be great for new users to android as
it is simply displayed on screen.

- Although I do like the Social media on the main screen upon boot, I think many people would get confused by seeing it first and not a traditional android screen


- I do not understand why there wasnt another button added in place of the HTC logo e.g. Settings button or show screen

- Task manager accessible by "double tapping" the home button, other droids it is long press
- Long press home takes you to google now search, which is already accessible by clicking the now search bar.

(iii) How do you rate the HTC One for:
I actually purchased Final Fantasy III as it was a large download and had real 3D and good sound, the phone performed
brilliantly. Every other device I have used gets noticeable hot whilst running processor intensive tasks.

Since final fantasy didnt cause this I downloaded Mupen64 (Nintendo 64 Emulator) as I thought it might stress it a little bit. It
worked flwalessly.



The native email app is very similar to googles own gmail app. It allowed me access to all my labels as gmail does itself and overall I think
has a nicer less cluttered look.


The messaging app allows you to easily save a persons number should you get a message from someone not already in your contact lists.
The text box is quite a good size (allows you to read existing messsages at ease even with keyboard open). Also allows calls by simply tapping the persons

The buttons in the text box are self explanatory, send or add an attachment have clear icons.

Every message has a date and time stamp, even if its from a few days ago. Whereas other Android devices simply show the date.


Social media:
- The startup view giving an outline of all social networks is great, no need to open an app you can simply scroll through the main page.
- Since the phone comes preloaded with a lot of existing social network abilities I think that is a huge plus as you do not have to spend time going through the android market just to get access to popular networks.



(iv) What are your pros and cons for the HTC One?


Does not get hot when doing hard tasks
Unibody design makes the phone feel natural and fees like it would not break easily
Front facing speakers - If you are playing a game or listening to music sound is actually directed at you rather than away from you,
since they are actually true stereo as well the sound quality and overall sound experience is greater than other devices.
Battery lasts a substantial amount of time - I deliberately left the phone on in service areas where scanning would be required and still was
getting between 2 to 3 days of battery life.
USB Micro charger being restricted from plugging in entirely actually would prevent USB charge board breaks


No way to wake screen other than power button which feels unnatural to each for
No removable battery
No external storage

No physical settings/option button so part of screen is taken up by the "soft" button in certain applications


Realistically I would actually reccomend someone purchase this phone as the overall experience is great - the main things that annoyed me are just because I am used to a different device and some of the other things that myself and others have noticed (e.g. no expandable storage or removable battery) many other people would not care about. For example, any iPhone user is alreday used to no expandable storage or removable battery ;-D


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