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Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 1



We have selected Wanglese, Extreame and nelly82 to participate in our first of many Crowdsupport product trials and reviews. Over the next few weeks the guys will be reviewing the new Sony Xperia Z and letting us know what they think. In this thread we will be asking the guys a few questions to find out how they rate the phone and encouraging other crowdsupport members to share their opinions or ask for more details. 


So let’s start easy:
What phone where you previously using before starting the trial?
What are your first impressions of the Sony Xperia Z? What do you think of the colour?
What steps were involved in setting up phone and how easy was it?
Can you share some images of the Sony Xperia Z and what is included in the box?
What specs actually matter to you?

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Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review

What phone were you previously using before starting the trial?


I was using the Samsung Galaxy Ace from Telstra.  I've had it for a year and a half on a post paid plan.


What are your first impressions of the Sony Xperia Z? What do you think of the colour?


I'd seen the pictures of the Sony on line, and it looked very good.  Opening the box, though, and lifting it out,  I thought it was just such a nicely finished piece of technology.  I was at first apprehensive of having a 5 inch device, I couldn't see how it could be comfortably operated by one hand,  but I was surprised at how easy it was.

The purple colour is stand out nice, and the whole device, including the glass finish is just amazing. The lines are clean.


What steps were involved in setting up phone and how easy was it?


The first thing I did was power it on, obviouslySmiley Very Happy , even though they tell you to plug it in and power it up for half an hour first.  The initial screens came up smart and smooth, attaching it to my network was probably easier than most, obviously because a larger screen helps people like me to type in better.

Setting up the screen for my preferences on the home screen (of Clock, Local Weather, and Calendar) took about a minute and a half, and the device is very responsive.


I was particularly looking for the "Stamina" features of power plans, and finding it, and the explanations it gives of what you are selecting were useful.


Since my previous phone used a normal SIM card, it was off to the local Telstra shop to get my card guillotined to the microSIM size.  Who would have thought it was that easy, or that was all it took?  2 minutes, and the phone was easily setup and functioning.


Oh, hint and heads up- the microSIM goes into a "carrier" and then into the phone, and at first it was a bit confusing for even the Telstra store staff, but we figured it out, and about 1 minute of the above was down to that.


Getting all of my contacts and diary synched from Google was then as quick as you could imagine, though I prefer the Sony Companion software for most things (i'm a bit **bleep** and old fashioned in that respect). 

Inserting the old MicroSD card from the Samsung was easy.

After that it was all systems go.


Can you share some images of the Sony Xperia Z and what is included in the box?


I was surprised how small the box was, considering it was a larger device than my previous Samsung.

The box has all you need, a power adaptor (uses a USB cable), Sony headphones with various earbuds (hardly surprising since Sony promote the multimedia features), and a quickstart guide and warranty information.




Here's my "Home Screen:



SONY Uers- here's the tip, unlike some other Xperia phones, the screenshot is made by holding the power button, and selecting "Take screenshot"


BTW, on the Camera, it's not surprising that Sony have stepped up to the plate in functionality and specs on the camera. When Sony bought Konica-Minolta (well the camera bits), I knew there would be some new changes.  The specs on this camera are impressive, and the functions you can do are amazing. everyone should try the" Kaliedoscope" setting.


What specs actually matter to you?


  • Battery life, battery life, battery life, and usable memory.

With Smartphones becoming more indispensible, and part of everyday life for me, a long battery life is important, so the "Stamina" capability is important.  

I found I don't even need the backlight in daylight, so that's a saving as well.

Amazing since the Xperia Z has a quad core, and is terrifically responsive, so over the coming months I'll see how the trade offs go.


Ditto with the usable memory.  I'm not a games player, so I won't be using that, but the apps I use are often my work and hobby toolbox.


I may end up carrying my Android Tablet around a lot less.


  • WaterProofing

I have had a bit of experience with mobile phones.  Forget the ones I have dropped in the swimming pool, gotten wet in torrential rain, etc. In the past few years, I have destroyed 3 mobile phones by:

  1. falling overboard when fishing
  2. walking out in waist deep water to fish, only to find my phone was in my hip pocket, not my sealed shirt pocket.
  3. being swamped by a rogue wave when fishing off rocks.

Items 1 and 2 happened within a week of each other, and did not make my wife happy at all.Smiley Tongue


So a waterproof smartphone is important to me.  I may actually try this in the shower.......  Maybe.


  • Android. 

Once upon a time I would was Windows centric in everything. I had a Palm before they became popular, hooked up to my Windows PC. Closely followed by an iPAQ when they first came out, and iPAQs till they stopped making them. 


But I've gone more towards Android because of the choice to move around more freely, and not put all my eggs in one basket.


I have Windows, Linux and Apple computers, but I have to have an Android phone.


  • The Camera
     I wanted a higher level pixel count than was generally available, as I have a DSLR with 14 megapixels. I'll be comparing it's capabilities.




One last thing before I go.  I setup the Xperia Z to act as a media server on my wireless network.  No need for any other Sony kit to make it work,  andmy T-Box plays the videos, and the photographs, and music directly onto my TV.





If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
Any opinions I express or advice I give are purely my own, and don't represent Telstra.

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Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review

Hi Guys


Well I was pleasantly surprised when I received this handset, so I thought that an unboxing video was a good choice for everyone to see what comes in the box, enjoy


Please note: I did remove all plastic sheeting from the phone before creating the video



What phone were you previously using before starting the trial?


I was using a HTC One until it was sent to the shop for repair.


What are your first impressions of the Sony Xperia Z? What do you think of the colour?


Well first impressions were that I loved the gorgeous 1080p HD 5 inch display, ease of use and the colour is a vivid purple (see below) just like CrowdSupport!


I was impressed to see that the Xperia Z was water resistant* because we have all had those days were you could just kick yourself, so this will come in very handy indeed (I will create a video of the first dunking of Telstra's Sony Xperia Z in the next week).


* Please Note: Sony Xperia Z is water resistant, however they do say to not immerse the handset in salt water, swimming pools, diving past 1 meter, hot water, mud/sand and other liquid chemicals 


What steps were involved in setting up phone and how easy was it? 


First startup was great, easy setup as follows:


Please Note: I have made these images smaller for better viewing of this post


Select your language:


Startup - 1st Screen


Welcome screen with licence agreement:


second screen


WiFi Search:


WiFi Connection


Select WiFi Networks:


Select WiFi Networks


Sony entertainment network:


Sony entertainment network


Sony entertainment network sign-in/sign-up:


Sony entertainment signin-signup


Social network accounts setup:


Social network accounts setup


Finished setup - easy right!


Finished setup - easy right!


And to the lock screen we go:


To the lock screen we go


And a simple swipe up or down opens the Home screen:


Simple swipe up or down opens the Home screen


So, how easy was that to setup? Easy right!


Can you share some images of the Sony Xperia Z and what is included in the box? 


See above unboxing video!


Here are some HD images of the handset itself:










On/Off button, rocker switch and microSIM slot


On-Off button-Rocker-SIM


microSD slot




What specs actually matter to you?


4G is one spec that I need, so with Telstra's best 4G network makes every call easy, clear and anywhere I am.


The 16GB of RAM is great and fast, this is fantastic for those image processing apps that I use so much, and with the 1.5Ghz snapdragon quad processor, there is absolutely zero lag on every app and menu that I have used.


Now about that gorgeous 1080p HD 5 inch screen, wow - just WOW. What beautiful colours burst from it, it is just amazing!


The 13.1 mega pixel main sensor is great, it has more detail than any handset sensor I have had the privilege of using.


Here are some shots from the main sensor:


Please Note: Images have been resized due to post readability, I will post  image links at the bottom of this post so you can see the size and detail in all it's glory.




The panoramic feature looks fantastic:




The other camera features are great, with the sketch just one to mention:




Other specs that matter to me are the use of the Android app store, as there are so many great apps to choose from that help make my life easier.


The video feature is great, I found that it was much better than I expected, here is a short video of the 1080p HD video:



The Telstra One app is terrific, as I can watch the latest news, or catch up on the latest up to date weather before I go camping, and while camping I can check the scores of my favorite sporting team.


Sony's walkman feature is very good, with the in-ear buds, you get clear sound from all your favorite music.


GPS is something that I use every day, so I can tag a photo with the exact GPS co-ordinates if I need to show where it was taken. The navigator app is another app that I use on a daily basis, so now I can get rid of the annoying in-car GPS unit and just use the Xperia Z's Navman application on Telstra's 3/4G network and the best thing is the data if unmetered.


Making a video call is easy with Xperia Z's front facing sensor, albeit a 2.2 mega pixel sensor, still provides with great video calling or MMS capabilities.


I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed using Telstra's Sony Xperia Z, and yes I will be posting more replies when the questions come in Smiley Happy


I will be happy to provide anyone with any information or my experiences with Telstra's Sony Xperia Z, just reply, and I will be happy to answer.


Thanks for reading Smiley Happy


Here are the image links for all the test photo's I have taken with the 13.1 mega pixel sensor:


Extreame Forums







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Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 1

Hey people,  


Work has been very hectic lately and I have finally found some spare time to give you my thoughts on the brand new Sony Xperia Z.


Been playing around with it the last two days and what I think of the phone so far has been very positive Smiley Happy




What phone where you previously using before starting the trial? 


I am currently using an Iphone 5, Recently upgraded from an Iphone4 3-4 months ago on a post paid plan


What are your first impressions of the Sony Xperia Z? What do you think of the colour?


I have seen some photos online of the Sony Xperia Z prior to receiving the handset and when I finally opened the box the first thing that grabbed my how big the screen was!  Compared to my current handset I thought I had a tablet in front of me haha!


Taking the handset out of the box, I was surprised by how lightweight it was considering how big the handset is yet not so big that you would have trouble using the device one handed if you needed to.


I love the colour of the handset and the glass finish is a very nice touch indeed.


What steps were involved in setting up phone and how easy was it?


Setting up the phone was very easy indeed as per the previous post by Extreame,  Just following the very easy step by step prompts and you are underway in just a couple of minutes.


If you have an existing PSN username you can use this to sign in to SEN aspect of the sign up without having to create a new profile.  I used my existing PSN account to log in to this part without any issues.


The main thing I was scared of was how hard it would be to transfer everything from my Iphone5 to the new Sony Xperia Z???


Well I didn't have to worry about a thing,  Because with a few clicks of your mouse, Sony PC Companion does it all for you!  I have managed to transfer my music, videos, and contacts without any hassle what so ever.  The Sony PC Companion will definitely lessen the hassle for those that are looking to switch handsets/OS from their current phone to the new Sony Xperia Z.


The Sony Xperia Z prompts you to install the Sony PC Companion as soon as you plug the handset into your computer the very first time so install of the software is very easy.



Sony PC Companion


Sony PC Companion


Sony PC Companion




Can you share some images of the Sony Xperia Z and what is included in the box?


Out of the box


My Lock Screen Guess the Pattern!


Current Home Screen


What specs actually matter to you?



  • The Screen - Definitely one of the biggest highlights for me here.  Love the big screen and the quality of the videos and images is just amazing!  I have currently uploaded some movies to watch on the way to work and the quality is perfect.


  • 4G - The data speeds on this handset is just - WOW!  I wish I had access to this speed at home.  Speed test pic below,  I live close to Melbourne's CBD and the speeds both download and upload is awesome.

4G Speed test results



  • Water Resistant - I dont know how many handsets I have lost to liquid ingress damage,  Its great to see a high quality handset with this capability.  The good thing about the handset as well is that it does give you warnings to check if any ports are open and it warns you to close them just in case you do decide to jump into a pool with all your phone in your pocket Robot tongue

Warning Message


  • The Camera - Another amazing feature on the Sony Xperia Z,  Amazing Pictures and Quality Videos can be taken on this handset.  The camera features Picture effects, Panorama and different Scene Selection Options as well as a Camera Burst feature where you press the take photo button and you take multiple pictures in just a few seconds.


  • Battery Life - For a big screen handset,  I was surprised at how long the battery can last,  I had the handset streaming online radio all day at work the other day and the battery percentage at the end of the streaming was down to 63%.  Compared to my current handset which would have gone from 100% to 10% battery life in the same environment.  The other options/modes you can change around through the Power Management area in the settings is also another great way users can prolong battery life.


In conclusion,  So far I am very impressed with the Sony Xperia Z and cannot wait to try out some more of the many features it has!





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