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Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 2



Great reviews of the Sony Xperia Z so far guys below are our next set of questions:


What Apps have you install?

How does the touch screen rate compared to what you have used before?

Have you noticed Voice HD improved quality?

How do you rate the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean against your previous device?

o             Layout

o             Icons

o             Responsiveness


If you are thinking about purchasing the Sony Xperia Z feel free to add your questions below.

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Level 20: Director

Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 2

Hi CrowdSupport


I am really enjoying my time with the new Telstra Sony Xperia Z.


I love it's simplistic slim sexy look and fast functionality.


What Apps have you installed?


Loving Google Play app store (as I did with my old mobile), there are many apps that are very useful to any member of CrowdSupport.


I have the Telstra T-Box Remote, this is always useful in switching off the T-Box remotely if my teenage son refuses to do any schoolwork when watching TV, yes he does not like me for that (great father/son relationship going on here Smiley Happy )


Here are a few screenshots of the Telstra T-Box Remote.


1. Startup & Buttons















































2. Pad & Slider for channels






I think I should mention AirDroid.


This app is great if you are working from your PC or Laptop, you can manage any part of your new Telstra Sony Xperia Z, via your browser.


Best thing is you can upload music, video files or even send a txt message, that's right, directly from the browser.


Here is a screenshot of it in action. first we have the handset app screenshots:


App Startup

App settings


App tools


Here are some screenshots of the app itself on the PC.






Main app screen:


Main app screen


Music folder:


Music folder


Video folder:


Video folder


Send SMS screen:


Send SMS screen


Another fantastic app that I use is Android Assistant.


This app is fantastic in helping speed up applications, free RAM and helps your battery last longer by showing you what apps use battery power for how long, this can help you change your habits that saves battery power.


I should mention that I use 1-Click Flashlight.


This app is great if you are stuck out in the dark and need more than just the screen light, it turns on the camera flash to act as a flashlight, a brilliant idea, and very handy if you cant see your front door key hole!


Add a widget to the homepage, simply click to turn on/off.


Flashlight OFF:


Flashlight OFF


Flashlight ON:


Flashlight ON


On more app that I think is needed on all handsets is Where Did I Park.


Are you someone who forgets where you parked your car? Well I must say I am, so with this app you can record where your car is parked with GPS coordinates and even take a picture of the surrounding area to remind you, and add the parking meter information, carpark level, space and even colour.


How does the touch screen rate compared to what you have used before?


The new Telstra Sony Xperia Z's touchscreen is very sensitive, and I cant compare it with my old HTC.


It is not like it is so sensitive that you go to the wrong app, or icon, but you just need to lightly tap, pinch, slide it and it responds instantly.


The resolution of the Sony Xperia Z's touch screen is extremely high, it is very responsive to anything that I need to do with ease.


My son has mentioned to me that he feels the screen to be the most responsive handset screen he has ever used, and that says a lot, in my opinion. No need for hard banging of the screen, just smooth, light taps and pinching is needed.


Have you noticed Voice HD improved quality?


Oh have I indeed - and wow what an improvement over my old handset.


The crystal, clear, crisp voice HD quality is great when I am out and about in shopping centres with lots of people, it is a huge difference from my other handsets. I do not think I anyone has asked me to repeat myself yet.


I have been told that it is very clear to the person calling, even if I am in a very noisy place, such as a loud train station, I was even asked if I was at home when I was on the train, so yes I have noticed that the new voice HD quality has improved my voice calls, no matter where I am.


How do you rate the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean against your previous device?


My previous handset had Ice Cream Sandwich (Android OS 4.0), but it died within the first 3 weeks of having it unfortunately.


That said, I love the new Jelly Bean 4.1 OS, with similar specs as my old handset, I find that the menu transitions are smooth and precise.


However, I cannot match or even begin to compare the two as the new Telstra Sony Xperia Z wins hands down in every way.


People that have other OS's on their handsets, you are missing out.


iOs = dull

Android = fun fun fun!


One very cool feature I like on the new Telstra Sony Xperia Z is the built-in swift-key keyboard, you have the ability to use gesture to write any txt or notes on your Xperia Z.


Swift-key keyboard


The icons are fantastic with very real, clear, bursting with colour graphics and useability is of course great with Jelly Bean.




The responsiveness of the OS is better than I expected, I was expecting the new Telstra Sony Xperia Z to have the same type of responsiveness as my old handset, wow was I so wrong!


Transitions are smooth, fast and accurate with all aspects of the OS.


One con for this handset that I have noticed is the camera app is a bit slow to initialize, but I can deal with that.


I will be logging how the battery holds up over the next week, so I will be looking forward to sharing that with you on my next post or so.


Thanks for reading!


Extreame Forums





Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 2


What Apps have you installed?



The first App I installed, even before I had got the SIM card re-done by the local Telstra store, was Google Sky Map.

It's alwaysd my "goto" app to test the GPS, and the sensitivity of the device, because you set the Sensor speed and Damping for when you point the device at the sky, so you can see how good the accelerometer and the multi-touch features are.  And it shows off just how clear the screen is on the Xperia Z compared to others.


Plus I'm an astronomer, so yeah, I love this app.





Of course, like Extreame, I've installed the T-Box remote, so I won't need to go into that.  It should have been automatically added IMHO Smiley Tongue

I installed Tool Box by Maxcom.

It has a bunch of tools I use in everyday life, beautifully presented.  Measuring tools I use include a mag field detector and a Vibrometer, and it has various utility tools including a flash. The tools I have found are quite accurate.





And another tool I simply CANNOT do without, is WiFi Analyzer by farproc.


Here's a tool for anyone who wants to look at what's going on around them, which wireless networs might be swamping your channel, which channel will give you best reception, and where you can best place your WiFi router. Heck, you can even track down where you neighbours interfering network is located, and show them where they can best place it and orient it.


Analyzer.jpgchannel graph.jpg


There are a bunch of other useful screens that are in there. Try out the various ones by selecting the "view" icon on the top.


A Scientific Calculator as well as a converter app were useful, and Moon+ Reader as an eBook reader.


There's one VERY nice thing about how the Xperia allows you to arrange apps.  On your app screen you can choose whether to have your APPS arranged by most used (I love that), most recently used, alpahbetical, or your own preferred order.  Now THAT's neat.





How does the touch screen rate compared to what you have used before?


It's streets ahead of anything I'v used before.  It took me a few minutes to get used to just how sensitive and responsive it was. I found myself dragging things too far, because my previous phone was nowhere near as responsive.

As I pointed out before, the Google Sky Map show it brilliantly.



Have you noticed Voice HD improved quality?


Both in terms of calling and recieving contacts, it's amazing.  Also, my voice sounds like geese on a foggy day,  so to have the phone recognise my voice so well is a nice surprise.


I note Extreame likes the sweeping keyboard. So do I, but I've noticed some neat stuff with dictation. For instance, I have been able to create sms messages by dictating.


Try this:  on the Google Search, press the microphone icon and say "SMS message to <name> Hello"  It won't send it automatically, but it will fill in the details.  You might need to practice to get the content entered, but I found it easy after a few tries, and now I can do it all the time.


Try something like "New Note, this is a great phone", and watch the response.


Try "start Camera" and watch it open the app.  There's a bunch of stuff you can do, and I enjoy showing off by talking to the phone and saying things like "Meeting with John at 10.30 am next wednesday"


Even better, try "Set the Alarm for 7.30 am tomorrow".





How do you rate the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean against your previous device?

o             Layout



Marvellous, and much easier to arrange.  I have to say, I like a nice clean screen, without a lot of clutter, and the fonts are great.



o             Icons


Very clear, and there are some beauties in some of the newer compiled apps.


o             Responsiveness


Voice, text, terriffic. Extreame is right about the camera taking a bit to start up, but I've found that if I start it, then press the home icon, so I'm back at the home page, leaving the camera inactive, it's very quick to go back to it using the "recent apps" icon.


Anyway,once it's up and running, it's quite quick. There's a small delay when taking pictures after you press the button, but I'm going to be trying some astronomical shots soon. There is an actual whole field and activity on the internet where people are taking astronomical shots using smartphones and tablets.  Some of the results are amazing.



If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
Any opinions I express or advice I give are purely my own, and don't represent Telstra.

Level 16: Secret Agent

Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 2

Hi Crowdsupport,


So far loving the new Sony Xperia Z,  It is an amazing  smartphone and I think this phone has converted me considering I have been an Apple user for the last 4 or so years Robot tongue



What Apps have you installed?


Havent really gone through a lot of the Google Play app store and downloaded many apps but from what I have seen through browsing,  there is definately a wide range of choices of apps for everyone out there from the serious to the more quirky or if you are like me,  lots of games to keep you entertained for hours Smiley Very Happy


Google Play Start Up



Apps I have downloaded so far:


Apps so far



Tune In Radio:  Big Fan of this app,  I love listening to morning radio on the way to work and with this app you can access any local, national and even international radiostations with just one application.  You can favourite your regular radio stations for quick access.  Please note that this app does use your data.  Alternatively you can also use the FM Radio App already included with the Sony Xperia Z to access local radio stations.


Flashlight: Pretty self explanatory,  Good app to use when its dark and your fumbling with those house keys at night Smiley Happy


Advance Task Killer:  I had this app when I had my old Samsung Galaxy Tab ages ago and loved this app so I thought I would put it on the Sony.  As I have said before,  coming from an Apple handset, Im not too sure if there are newer apps that do something similar but it seems to get the job done.  Basically this app shows you what is currently open on the phone and you can select to kill certain apps that you want to close or close everything with just a tap of a button.




JB HI Fi Now: Currently on the 30 day free trial on this one and so far so good.  This app is very similar to the heavily advertised RDIO on the radio or Spotify.  Gives you access to a huge data base of songs which you can play on your handset or PC. Once again the app uses data to play the music but this app also gives you the option to sync songs so that you are able to play them offline without using your data.  Good for people that have a phone with full memory and looking to get music on the handset without taking any more space or even for those people that want access to different music that they do not have currently on their playlists.  One of the downsides though  is that it doesnt appear to work with the Walkman.


JB Hi Fi Now



Subway Surf:  As I stated at the start,  I love my phone games and this game is what I am currently addicted to lol.  Always makes the tram/train commute to and from work fly Smiley Very Happy  I can definately notice the higher quality of graphics on the Xperia Z compared to my current handset.



Below is a quick clip of the gameplay,  Aplogies in advance for the sidways view just not too sure how to put it the right way but I just wanted to show what the graphics look like on the handset.




(view in My Videos)



How does the touch screen rate compared to what you have used before?


  • The touch screen is very responsive and there isnt that little bit of lag time like an N8 where you press something and then you see the screen respond.  I would say it is very much on par with an Iphone 5 although at times I feel that it is too sensitive but that could just be me getting used to the handset.

 Have you noticed Voice HD improved quality?

  • Not particularly considering my current handset also has HD voice but for those that do not currently have this feature with their handset you will definately see an improvment in voice quality during calls.  Calls are clear and crisp as if the person you are speaking to on the other end is next to you. 


How do you rate the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean against your previous device?

o Layout

  • The Layout is great,  apps and widgets very easy to arrange.  The ability to create folders is also a plus to help reduce your screen clutter for those people that like to download a heap of applications.  I also like the option to increase font size from small to extra large fonts.

o Icons

  • Icons are great,  Big and clear and spaced out so no way for you to accidently open the wrong application.

o Responsiveness

  • In general,  The responsiveness on the Sony Xperia Z is great and I was very surprised at how quick it was to respond to my fingertips.  As stated already by both Extreame and Wanglese camera does take a bit to open up, but apart from that responsiveness is awesome on this handset.






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