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wifi locator beeping noises

Hi, I was wodering how to understand the

Telstra Locator Wi-Fi tag

beeping sound for.

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Re: wifi locator beeping noises

Hi Brian,

There is a link here 


My Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag makes a range of different sounds, what do they mean?

When setting up, using and charging your Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag, it’ll make a range of different sounds. These include the following.

Telstra tone : The Telstra tone is played when the wi-fi tag is first pressed and whenever you ring the tag.

Bip Bip : This tone is played when the tag is placed on its charger.

Trill, fast, high-pitched alternating notes: This tone is played when the Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag finishes charging.

Slow, low-pitched alternating notes: When you charge your Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag, your tag sends a bulk data upload to the Telstra Locator platform, confirming the observations it’s seen. If this upload fails for any reason, this tune is played. No action is required from you.

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