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Android 7 Nougat - Cant connect to your Telstra Smart Home Hub



This article is related to trying to Activate your Telstra Smart Home and you can’t proceed past “Connecting to Your Telstra Smart Home Hub” screen on Android 7 Nougat.


In some newer versions of Android, you must also accept an Android System notification after selecting the “TelstraHub_xxxxxx”.  The notification will appear about 5-10 seconds after you’ve selected “TelstraHub_xxxxxx”, and say “Wi-Fi has no Internet access. Tap for options.”


screen one.png


Tap the notification; it will ask you “This network has no internet access. Stay connected?” Select ‘yes’.


screen two.png


Then, return to the Smart Home app. The screen will auto-advance and you can continue with activation. 


Please note, the notification will disappear after about 5 seconds. If you’ve missed it, your Wi-Fi settings will show the device is connected to “TelstraHub_xxxxxx” (‘Connected, no internet’) but the Smart Home app will not auto-advance. If this occurs, return to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings, select your home Wi-Fi network and wait ~10-15 seconds. Once your phone connects to your home Wi-Fi network, then select the “TelstraHub_xxxxxx”, wait for the notification described above, tap the message and select ‘Yes’.


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