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Apple Music FAQs

What offers are available?

A 6 (six) month introductory trial is available for all new, recontracting and existing Telstra consumer post-paid mobile customers with a compatible device, as long as they haven’t taken up an Apple Music trial before. Offer ends before 26 December 2018 and must be redeemed by 26 February 2019.


After the trial ends, customers will be charged $11.99/month to their Telstra Bill unless they cancel. Telstra will send an SMS reminder about the end of the trial seven days before the offer expires. Please ensure customers know they can cancel the trial anytime through the 24x7 app, MyAccount ( or by contacting Telstra.


How do I sign up to Apple Music?

To sign up for the 6 month introductory offer and add Apple Music via Telstra, head to My Account and see if you’re eligible for our offer.

For further help, follow the steps outlined here


How do I cancel Apple Music?

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to remove Apple Music here.


What happens after my trial ends?

We hope you’ve enjoyed your Apple Music membership with Telstra. To keep listening to exclusive content, the latest hit music and personalised playlists just for you, you don’t need to do anything. You will automatically be billed $11.99 a month to your Telstra Bill. You can cancel your membership anytime through My Account.


Did you take up an Apple Music offer from Telstra during a 3 month trial of Apple Music from Apple?

If you were enjoying a 3 month trial of Apple Music before claiming your 6 month Apple Music membership from Telstra, follow these instructions to ensure your Apple ID account is not charged.


+ On your device, open the Music app

+ Click on your profile in the top left corner

+ Then click ‘View Apple ID’

+ Click on the ‘Manage’ button and select ‘Your Membership’ for Apple Music.

+ To ensure you are not charged at the end of the 3 month trial, turn off ‘Auto-renew'


Can I use Apple Music on my Android phone?

Apple Music is available on Android 4.3 and higher. Go to the Google Play store to download the app.


What data charges will I incur?

Streaming Apple Music on the Telstra Mobile network is data free.


Data charges apply for downloading the app and Non-music streaming use such as downloads, video streaming and social interaction. 

Downloading music from Apple Music (not the iTunes store) for offline listening is data-free.


If you are concerned about data usage with Apple Music you can use the app in offline mode. Alternatively you can purchase a data pack on the go in the Telstra 24x7 App, or in My Account.


I want to sync my iCloud library with my iPhone

Depending on your chosen settings, you can sync your iTunes & iCloud library with your phone at any time. You can change the settings in your phone or iTunes at anytime. Remember that syncing your music over a mobile network will use data. For more information on syncing, visit


How do I access my Apple Music Subscription information?

Telstra customers can access their subscription information from My Account


What do I do if I forget my Apple ID or password & cannot login or access Apple Music?

Your Apple Music login is the same as your Apple ID. You can retrieve it here:


You can reset your password here: 


If you are still having issues, contact AppleCare on



How does it work if I cancel my subscription halfway through the month?

If you are on a paid subscription with Telstra the subscription will be cancelled immediately and the remaining billed period refunded on to your mobile account.


If you are in a trial or promotional period it will be cancelled immediately.


I cancelled my account, but realised I want it back. How do I do that?

You can resume your Apple Music subscription within My Account.


Click on your mobile account in My Account, then click the ‘add’ button next to Apple Music.


Time spent in a cancelled state will count towards your trial period.


What happens when I change my phone?

As long as you have used the same Apple ID, all music preferences & created playlists will be available on your new iOS device. You will need to re-download tracks, albums or playlists for offline listening.


What forms of payments are accepted?

If you would like to take up a Telstra offer, you will need to be a Telstra Post-Paid customer with a compatible device. Apple Music can be added to your account and at the expiry of your trial membership period, Apple Music monthly subscription charges will be added to your Telstra mobile bill. Once your offer is complete, you can continue to use your Telstra mobile account, or you can use a credit card via Apple directly.


I want to change my billing method, how do I do that?

To add your Telstra mobile account as your billing method you need to unsubscribe your Apple Music account within the app then Add Apple Music to your mobile account via My Account, a Telstra retail store or by calling 13 22 00.


To add your credit card as your billing method: (This will cancel any Telstra offer you are currently enjoying) you need to unsubscribe your Apple Music account via My Account, a Telstra retail store or by calling 13 22 00. Once this is done you are free to add Apple Music to your Apple ID subscriptions via the app.


How often do I get charged?

A recurring monthly subscription fee of $11.99 per month in charged in line with your normal billing period once the trial period has expired. The first month will be billed proportionally to align the subscription with the billing cycle. You can check via My Account to see when the trial period ends.


How will Apple Music look on my Telstra Mobile Bill?

Apple Music will display as a line item on your Telstra bill.


I still need help. Who can I contact?

For app related issues, contact AppleCare on:


For Telstra billing related issues, please Telstra on 13 22 00, in store, or via Live Chat.


What (account & personal) information will Telstra share with Apple?

Telstra will supply your mobile number, Telstra account number (BAN), country and whether you are subscribed to Apple Music for reporting & authentication purposes.


I have a companion Telstra Mobile account. Can I have Apple Music?

Yes you can, though your Apple Music subscription will need to be added by the legal lessee of your account – the owner of the main Post-Paid account that your companion account is attached to. Your parent/guardian can add Apple Music to your account via My Account, Retail store or by calling 13 22 00. All eligible Post-Paid accounts have the ability to take up the Telstra offer so you and your companion can both get the offer separately. 


I have purchased a new phone on a new contract but I do not have my new phone or sim yet. When is my Apple Music account active?

Your Apple Music account will be active once you activate your new sim. This is generally when you receive your new phone. You will receive a SMS confirming your Apple Music subscription is active.


I have recontracted to a new Telstra mobile contract but my new phone is on backorder. Can I start using my Apple Music subscription on my current phone?

If you are not changing phone number you will receive a sms confirming your Apple Music subscription. This indicates that you are now eligible to start using your Apple Music subscription on any compatible device, including your current mobile phone.


When you receive your new phone simply login with the same Apple ID and your saved playlists and music preferences will be available. You will need to re-download any tracks, albums or playlists to your new phone for offline listening.


Can I use my Apple Music subscription on my SONOS speaker system?

You can. Apple Music is available on SONOS with Controller build 6.2.2 or higher.


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