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How to use your Telstra TV® remote

In this video we'll show you how to make the most of your Telstra TV remote we'll show you how to use the remote that came with your Telstra TV (0:19) and how to use a compatible smartphone (1:24) as a remote.



The Telstra TV remote has a number of features to help you navigate all the content on your Telstra TV.

Move around using the directional arrows and select what you want to watch with the Ok button in the centre. You can go back by pressing the Back Arrow or visit the Menu by pressing the Home Button.

In the top right of your TV screen you'll see the word Options. When no options are available this will be greyed out but when there are options available it will change colour to white. Press the Asterisk button on your remote to view these Options when you're watching a show.

Pressing the Options button will bring up closed captions and additional audio options. You'll also be able to see additional Audio and Display options on Live TV.

If you're watching video on demand, you can Fast-Forward, Rewind, Play or Pause at any time.

With the new Telstra TV remote you can open Live TV, TV Guide, Netflix and Foxtel Now by pressing the correlating buttons on your remote.

You can use your smartphone to control your Telstra TV. To do so you'll need the Telstra TV app. Download the free Telstra TV app from Google Play or iTunes App store. Once downloaded you will need to pair the app with your Telstra TV. 


The Telstra TV app remote has the same functionality as the remote that comes with your Telstra TV.

You can use the number pad or you can select the touchpad option at the top of the screen which lets you swipe through the carousels instead, or select the Apps option to launch your favourite apps.

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