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Telstra TV App

What is the Telstra TV App?

Telstra TV is a mobile app where you can explore and discover content across Stan, Telstra TV Box Office, AFL, NRL and Netball. You can also redeem Netflix offers that you are eligible for.


If you are a Telstra mobile customer, you will have the ability to redeem offers based on your contract eligibility.

If you are a Telstra TV customer, you will be able to use this App as a remote control for your Telstra TV.


What are the features of Telstra TV App?

  • My Offers: Lets you view and redeem offers based on your mobile contract eligibility.
  • Content Discovery: Telstra TV will showcase some of the most popular content from Stan and Telstra TV Box Office, as well as live AFL, NRL and Netball matches that are available.
  • Telstra TV® Recommends: A list of the popular and recommended titles from Streaming and Catch Up apps.
  • Mobile Search: Mobile search allows you to search through a catalogue of movies or TV Shows available to view on Telstra TV.
  • My List: Save a list of titles you want to watch later. Use ‘My List’ on the Telstra TV App to save movies and shows, then when you’re ready to watch them, access ‘My List’ from the mobile app to watch them on your Telstra TV device or launch the content provider’s app on your mobile.
  • Telstra TV remote: Telstra TV App will allow you to control your Telstra TV from your mobile phone. Pause, play, fast forward and rewind content, and also use your phone as a remote keyboard to search for your favourite content or login to your compatible streaming apps. You can select your favourite streaming app and launch it straight from your phone using the remote on the Telstra TV App to navigate through the available content. You can also enter specific channel numbers using the number pad provided within the application, allowing you to visit the precise channel without channel switching. Finally, if you don’t want to press the remote keys, simply swipe up and down to move your Telstra TV cursor and tap within the trackpad to make your selection.
  • Notifications and Reminders: Set reminders for upcoming TV Shows and Movies to watch on TV (note, you won’t be able to watch live TV on your Telstra TV 1 model).
  • Updated Remote: Improvements to the Telstra TV App Remote to control your Telstra TV® device. This not available to customers who have paired the Telstra TV App with the Telstra TV 1 model.

  • Telstra TV App Updates: Exclusively for Telstra Customers, there will be several updates made to the Telstra TV App including Carousel Content Discovery, Notifications and Reminders as well as updates to the In App Telstra TV Remote.

Is the Telstra TV App free?

Yes, the Telstra TV App is free. However, if you are not connected to Wi-Fi, downloading the app counts towards your data allowance and data usage charges may apply in accordance with your plan.


Will I get charged data when using the Telstra TV App?

Yes, data charges apply when downloading and using the app. Estimate your monthly data usage now. To avoid the charge, connect to Wi-Fi before downloading.


What devices are compatible with Telstra TV?

iOS 9 and above, Android 4.1 and above


How do I download the App?

Go to the iOS App store or Google Play store and search for ‘Telstra TV’. Follow the prompts to download the App on your mobile device.


Why can’t I play any videos from Telstra TV?

Telstra TV is designed to link users off the various 3rd party applications where videos can be played directly within those applications.


I don’t have any of the 3rd party apps on my phone, how can I access them?

You can download the 3rd party apps directly from the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android.


Mobile Search

How do I search for a Movie or TV show and what providers are included in the search?

You can access Search via 3 methods:

  • Search bar on Featured
  • Search icon (top right on the header) across all other screens
  • Search link in the menu

Telstra TV Box Office and Stan are currently included as part of Search.


When will other providers be included in the search?

We are always looking to include other providers into Search, and you will be informed via app updates.


Content Availability

Why can’t I see all the videos that are available from providers on the Home screen?

The videos that are being promoted on the Home screen are only a small selection of all the great videos available from our partners, and usually represent the latest or more popular titles that are currently available.


You can use the Search function to look for something specific, or explore the full catalogue of titles in our partners’ dedicated applications.


I tried searching for a movie / TV show but it says no results.

The Search feature currently matches your query against the title of a Movie or TV Show. If you have searched for an artist or name of an episode, please try searching again based on the title.


What content can I access from Telstra TV?

Telstra TV currently aggregates the following content from our partners: Telstra TV Box Office, Stan, AFL, NRL, Netball and Apple Music.


TTV Remote

How to pair your Telstra TV device and use the remote control.

The TTV app will automatically scan any TTV devices within the same WIFI network and provide a pop up prompt to pair the device with your TTV application. Alternatively within the TTV application you can go to Settings (from top LHS menu) > Devices > (+) to scan your network for available TTV for pairing. Once your device is paired you can see the remote icon on the top RHS change from grey to white and a bar at the bottom of the screen indicating which TTV device you’re currently paired to.


To use the application as your TTV remote control simply click on the remote control icon on the top RHS.

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