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Community Manager DanK Community Manager
Community Manager

What are the features of Telstra TV App?   NEW: Telstra TV Box Office You can now buy^ and rent movies from Telstra TV Box Office and watch them directly within the Telstra TV mobile app. (Purchasing is only available on Android devices and you must ...

Telstra (Retired) Brodie_Telstra
Telstra (Retired)

Many T-Box issues are easily fixed within a few steps, generally through resets or configuration. The following troubleshooting steps should provide you with common errors and easy fixes to get your T-Box working again.     + Channel 911 Channel 91 ...

Telstra (Retired) PaulQ
Telstra (Retired)

How to reveal your BP Movies PIN
Step 1: Login to online T-Box registration portal Step 2: Scroll down to the 'BigPond Movies' section Step 3: Click on ‘Reveal PIN' to see your PIN. Step 4: To hide it again, click on ‘Hide PIN'

Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

Foxtel Go lets you watch Foxtel from Telstra when you’re on the move - on your iPad, iPhone, Mac* and PC*, as well as selected Samsung Android devices. Now you can watch some of our most popular channels live and catch up on shows you’ve missed – all ...

Support Team JesseS
Support Team
Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

Question How to set up my Foxtel Online Account? Answer Foxtel ID (Online Services) gives subscribers access to additional services like Remote Record using the MyFoxtel app or streaming on demand and on the go with the Foxtel App. All Foxtel from Te ...

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