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Bill amount changed, paying more for TV bundle?

So I was being billed about $110 per month for my Foxtel package every month from March till now. This month the bill is $44 more. I didn't change anything. I spoke to four different people, three at Telstra, one at Foxtel after being transferred and put on hold for in total approx an hour. All consultants were not native English speakers, none of them able to explain why the bill amount changed. It is unlimited data. One said that although I subbed to sports channel I get charged more for actually watching it. I assume this is a language issue or else I have greatly misunderstood what is going on here. Although I was being patient as possible, one consultant grew impatient with me, told me I should count myself lucky not to have been charged more all the way along. Eventually and reluctantly said she would open a ticket but threatened that it may result in additional charges being applied from previous months (???).

Is this is a common experience? Do prices change midway through a 12 month or 24 month plan? In my first phone call setting up this plan I was told I would be paying about $100-110 per month for what I was getting, now it is $44 more. I'd appreciate any suggestions on what to do next, because talking to Telstra and Foxtel on the phone for an hour shed no light on this.

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Re: Bill amount changed, paying more for TV bundle?

They can change occasionally if the deal that you signed up with had an offer that included something with a 6 month free period. Did any of the packages that were "included" when you sign up have a different "free" or "discounted" time period associated with them?

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