Looking for some help. I have Foxtel from Telstra and have iQ4. I have returned from 3 weeks holiday and have noticed that I no longer have channel 194 / 9 Life. It is not appearing in the TV guide and when I select 194 from the remote, a message advises that the channel is no longer available. I am able to access other free to air channels including 7 Mate etc. I have another TV which is not connected to Foxtel and am able to access and view all free to air channels including 9 Life with no issues. I have just spoken to Telstra Foxtel technical support. We rescanned the channels from the settings and it didnt fix the issue. All cables including the antenna cable are securely connected to the iQ4 box.  The consultant then told me I needed to organise for my own technician to come and check my antenna and advised he couldn't help me. There isn't an issue with my antenna as I am able to access 9 Life on my TV with no Foxtel connected. Is anyone able to offer any help or guidance? I believe the issue is a Foxtel one.  Thanks.