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Connecting my foxtel box to the internet

I have 200GB ADSL Technicolor TG587n V3 and Foxtel by Telstra. The internet service is working well. Foxtel is working fine apart from the following issue.


When I try to download a TV show or movie via the Foxtel On Demand service via the broadband service it tells me that I'm unable to because I don't have an internet connection.  When I run the Network Test option on the Foxtel Box it says that the network test was unsuccessful. However, when I go to the Network Setup menu it is clear that the Foxtel box is successfully connected to the internet. I went through the diagnostics with Foxtel tech support and they confirmed the Foxtel box is connected to the internet but advised that I call Telstra tech support as the following ports on my modem needed to be opened for the On Demand download service via the broadband connection to work: 


UDP Port 33222 Catalogue

TCP Port 33111 Purchases/Callback

CDN TCP Port 80 HTTP Video and images   


After a fruitless 2.5 hours on the phone to Telstra Technical Support they told me that I would need to pay either Telstra (via the Platinum Service) or a third party to make the changes to the configuration of my modem. I explained that as I had ordered Telstra Cable Broadband using a Foxtel supplied modem and Foxtel from Telstra that the products should work together and that it was Telstra's problem to solve at its cost, not mine, particularly as I'm fully paying for a service that I'm unable to use. I SPOKE WITH 16 DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND WAS PASSED FROM FOXTEL SUPPORT TO TELSTRA CONTINUOUSLY. I AM COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED TO THE POINT THAT I AM READY TO DISCONNECT MY INTERNET AND FOXTEL SERVICE IMMEDIATELY, IF THIS PROBLEM CANT BE RESOLVED. 





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Re: Connecting my foxtel box to the internet

Hi there Olive, take a look at the following link and see if that assists you:



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Re: Connecting my foxtel box to the internet

Click on the link related to the device you would like to forward traffic to - how do I know which one to select?




  1. Click Assign a game or application to a local network device under the heading Pick a tast...

Which task is Foxtel?


Thanks for your assisstance.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Connecting my foxtel box to the internet

Hi Oliveson07, 

Here are our instructions on Port forwarding.

Give them a try and see how you go. 

If you still have troubles, let me know and I will assign this to our Tech Team to take a look for you as soon as we can provide further assistance.



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Re: Connecting my foxtel box to the internet

The service is pathetic. I also get the " unable to connect to the internet" but not every time. Half the time it works but the rest of the time I have to switch off the foxtel unit and modem and then it might work. Tonight for example I've done all of that twice and I'm still "unable to connect" 

I've been duped by telstra and foxtel for the last time. Unlike you I'm about to hit 12 months and will be cancelling foxtel via Telstra. .



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