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IQ3 Freezing & buffering

We are so ready to cancel all of Telstra provided Foxtel & Netflix. Not one show can be watched without it freezing (Foxtel) buffering (internet entertainment) Netflix, YouTube, games. 
we are paying $251 monthly. I have been hospitalised since October 2019 and home 11 feb 2020.

in all of that time, it just got worse. Watching is no longer enjoyable. Cancellation may be our only  solution 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: IQ3 Freezing & buffering

Your Foxtel and Netflix are delivered via different methods (through the same cable), so it sounds like a fault with your incoming cable. 


Try going to and see if the troubleshooter can help (It can run some remote tests on your service). If it can't determine what the problem is, it will give you the appropriate number to call, as well as a reference number to give the consultant. 

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

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