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More Channels Needed On Foxtel-T-Box

Too many programs are constantly repeated. Particularly on Discovery, Nat-Geo and BBC Knowledge. Some shows have been re-aired up to 20 or so times. On demand content needs to be updated more regularly for certain series and the audio quality is very inconsistent across the live channels. The audio quality of some on-demand content is not as good as when it is viewed live.

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Re: More Channels Needed On Foxtel-T-Box

We can certainly pass on that feedback for you.


Regarding the specific channels and content available via the Foxtel on T-Box service, this is provided to us via Foxtel. While we can pass this on you may also want to feed this back to them directly.

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Re: More Channels Needed On Foxtel-T-Box

I completely agree with this. I've been wondering lately why I don't just move to Foxtel completely and ditch my Foxtel on T-Box. A lot of the programs I used to like to watch have moved over to other channels, (eg sub-channels of the Lifestyle Channel) that aren't even offered to telstra cusomters, so it's not like I can add them to my account. Also, it would be nice to be able to record Foxtel programs that I'm going to miss on my T-Box, but it wont allow me to, which is very annoying, especially because On Demand is so unreliable. I was watching Hannibal regularly On Demand, as I couldn't watch it when it aired due to other commitments. The new episode didn't appear one week and I kept checking regularly. Eventually it jumped from Ep 7 to Ep 10 with no access to Ep 8 or 9. I'm not going to start watching at episode 10! I wont know what's going on! This isn't the only show I've had this problem with. I really am starting to wonder what it is I pay for exactly.

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