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Pixelation and constant signal loss

Has any one got any ideas what else we can do? We have had constant foxtel signal loss and pixelation for months. Foxtel have replaced the wiring in the house and Telstra have done something in the street but the problem still exists. Everyone is at a loss how to fox the problem it is extremely annoying as it doesn't occur all the time but is worse during peak viewing times.

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Re: Pixelation and constant signal loss

Dish, cable or Internet based?


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Re: Pixelation and constant signal loss

We are having the same problem just joining up to Foxtel on T-box.  All the movie on demand channels do not work at all. Everyday there are standard Foxtel channels that break up and we cannot watch an entire show let alone a movie without the picture freezing and the T-Box just turns itself off.  It wants to download forever.... !


We are in a large town in Nth QLD (Annandale, Townsville) and i'm thinking that I will have to cancel my subscription to Foxtel on T-Box after only 4 days of this crap.




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Re: Pixelation and constant signal loss

We are in the Brisbane area and have been having trouble with signal drop out and picture freezing for the last three months. Have cable connection. Getting sick of the service or lack there of for the money. We also have Telstra Broadband linked through the Foxtel cabling and it has been dropping out as well.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Pixelation and constant signal loss

Hey guys, 


For the users on T-box experiencing this issue, we recommend that all streaming of Foxtel is done via Ethernet from your modem to your T-box. 


Usually pixelation comes down to not enough bandwidth, or speed to stream video to the T-box, so to minimise any issues, Ethernet is really the way to go to connect from your home network and obviously a 100% working broadband connection, drops in your connection are certainly not going help with watching streaming video.


In saying this, please feel free to send me your details via private message, your BigPond username should suffice.


- Jon




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Re: Pixelation and constant signal loss

We have cable.
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Re: Pixelation and constant signal loss

I too have this same problems now in two seperate houses! the only common elements are 1 coax cable that a Telstra tech made the modem and the foxtel box which is an old IQ2 box. As soon as i turn the cable modem off the picture issues go away. I read in an forum post over at dvtforum that a filter was install which resolved this problem.


"The tech installed a filter and replaced all the connectors in the outside box. Picture is completely stable again though the signal strength has not improved."

I have already had a tech arrive and replace the isolator on the outside of the house. What is this filter they are talking about?

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Re: Pixelation and constant signal loss

We have the same problem but I saw on another forum that someone said it was caused by his internet modem so I thought why not try it, so I turned off our BigPond modem and the picture on all channels are perfect, turn the modem back on and pixelation starts again - I'm currently on hold to Telstra!!

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