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Unable to Access Bonus Content for Platinum?

Hi all,


I'm having an issue with accessing platinum content on Foxtel.


I launched Foxtel Go on my iPad yesterday, and found that all of the platinum content now has the "key" symbol against it (indicating that my subscription does not include such content).


This never used to be the case, and I have viewed platinum content on my IQ and Foxtel Go previously on my current bundle.


I called the support number (132200), and was put through to several different areas, only to eventually be told that I was unable to access Platinum content, as I did not have a Platinum subscription. Rather, my Foxtel was a "build-your-own" package, that had all content added to it.


This is interesting for a number of reasons:


  • As noted above, I have previously been able to access platinum content on my IQ, and Foxtel Go;
  • I transferred my platinum Foxtel subscription over to Telstra, over ten months ago, on the understanding that I would not lose any functionality, with particular reference to Foxtel Go, as I used it quite extensively at the time (not so much in the past few months);
  • To the best of my knowledge, no changes have been made to my bundle with Telstra since Foxtel was transferred over (and I was able to access platinum content at that time);
  • To the best of my knowledge (again), my subscription includes Foxtel Platinum (see attached screenshot from my account page).


Given that I have already contacted Support, and appear to have reached an impasse, where do I go from here, to restore access to platinum content?


All constructive advice greatly appreciated.





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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Unable to Access Bonus Content for Platinum?

Hi Jeff, I trust this can be sorted out for you soon. While the 13 22 00 number is the best point of contact for help with any billing issues, the number for help with technical aspects of the Foxtel connection is 131 999. They can investigate any connectivity issues which would be affecting your access to those channels

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