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telstra foxtel box return


           after a botched move of residence, a foxtel tech atended my new residence and took my IQ3 box and gave me the IQ2.


This was about 2 months ag0 - ever since I receive regular ohone calls and letters demanding the return of the iq3 box.

The latest letter threatened debt recovery action!


Everytime I ring I get a different person that can't even find a record of the missing stock.


Another phone call 36 hrs ago = frustration


Any ideas how I can put this matter to bed once and for all


thanks david

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: telstra foxtel box return

Did the tech leave a business card with you? The ones in our area do.


Who is calling you, demanding the return, Telstra or Foxtel? If it is Foxtel, then you will need to call them direct.

If it is Telstra, call 132200 and lodge a formal complaint. At least that way it will be a single point of contact that you are dealing with for the process.


Unfortunately, if you can't identify the technician, then it is going to be very difficult to get it resolved. I would suggest next time that you call up, ask them if they can see which tech attended the callout to your place and get them to follow up with the tech.

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