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International Mobile Data & Roaming Settings

I am currently overseas for a few weeks and would like to be contactable with my Telstra mobile number. However i do not wish to allow or use any internet data. I will not be making calls but would like to receive calls and only get charged if i pick up the call. 

I do not want to be charged $10/day for the Day Pass if i have the incorrect settings.


How do i set this in my Android Pixel 2 XL setting? as there are two options with the word data in the description:

Settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network>Mobile Data (access data using mobile network). ON/OFF options

Settings>Network & Internet>Mobile Network>Roaming (Connect to data services when roaming). ON/OFF options


Currently set as:

Mobile Data - OFF,

Roaming - OFF.

Therefore i am not getting any local phone provider reception. 






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Support Team
Support Team

Re: International Mobile Data & Roaming Settings

Hi. Thanks for coming through. Appreciate your patience. Roaming covers data/SMS/MMS and calls, so everything.
If roaming is off, outside Australia, you may as well be on airplane mode. Turning off data (with roaming on) will stop you from using mobile data and sending/receiving MMS worldwide, but will let you make and receive calls and SMS. 
Do you have messagebank on? - Matthew. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: International Mobile Data & Roaming Settings

Turn off location services (or switch it to GPS only), as it has a nasty habit of pinging towers (which uses a small amount of data) even if you have mobile data switched off.

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