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Level 1: Cadet

Hi, My Pixel 2 XL is no longer holding it's charge can the battery get replaced?

Level 1: Cadet

In the past 2 days, ive stopped getting SMS from people on iphones on optus. I use a telstra pixel 3.
Telstra haven't been able to identify the problem.

Level 1: Cadet

Hi all, First post, so please go easy! I'm currently under contract with a Pixel XL. Has been a fantastic phone for almost 2 years. Lately, I've been having an intermittent issue with the microphone not working while on a phone call. The person on th ...

Level 2: Rookie

Recently switched to prepaid on my Pixel 2 XL and my Telstra Messaging (RCS) and HD calling no longer work. This is after they've been working without any issues for over a year on Telstra postpaid on the same phone. Chat features in Messages says St ...

Level 1: Cadet

I cannot receive any SMSs from contacts unless they are with Telstra.   They are still receiving my SMS, but I don't receive any SMS from them. I can receive MMS from them however.  I have a Google Pixel 3 on Telstra. I have rebooted, taken out the b ...

Level 1: Cadet

ever since telstra started rolling out 5g in my area (west richmond, melbourne) my voice calls have become rubbish on my pixel 3xl. (last few months). If I force my phone make to 3g instead of 4g then it works fine.  this is the only experiemt that h ...

Level 1: Cadet

I seem to get no reception on my mobile phone at my house, The most i ever get is 1 bar. I'm unable to make or receive calls with out having to walk around the house or walk outside. I'm located in Byford, WA.

Level 1: Cadet

Every time I try and use the remote function of the Telstra TV app it needs to be setup again. No matter how many times I say "pair and set as default" - the next time I go to use it I have to do it again.The Telstra TV often gets "stuck" on the "hom ...

Level 1: Cadet

I've been trying for the last 5 days to get RCS / 4G enhanced LTE on my new Google Pixel 3a.

Chat reps tell me it's activated on my account. Have been transferred to Google for some reason who told me it's a carrier issue to resolve which I already kn ...

Level 1: Cadet

hi, I was wondering how much it would cost me to pay off my phone and cancel the current plan? Thanks

Level 2: Rookie

I've had the Pixel 3 from Telstra since November now and everyone I speak to on a phone call, regardless of where I am, complains that I'm breaking up and that they cannot understand what I'm saying. It is the same problem when I use the USB C headph ...

Level 2: Rookie

Is anyone else having a their battery drain really quickly after doing the Android 9 update ? I don't have any new apps or anything new about my phone but the battery is only lasting 3/4 of the day since the update. Any ideas ?

Level 3: Gumshoe

Having an issue with a Google Pixel XL running Android Pie and a Telstra Pre-Paid SIM (with a ported number, if it makes any difference) - I have the option in Android Messages to use Chat Features (RCS), but when I go to enable it, it takes me to th ...

Level 1: Cadet

Hi, when I use my Google Pixel 1 as a hotspot for my laptop, I'm unable to connect to my work's VPN. However, I can connect to the web etc. It's definitely a problem with the VPN settings on the phone using the Telstra network as any other Wi-fi netw ...

Level 1: Cadet

My Pixel 2 XL has a cracked screen. I know I can take it to independent repair shops but I'd like to know the process of repairing it through Google via Telstra.

Level 2: Rookie

No matter what I try I find that my new Pixel 2 XL will not pair and connect with my standard issue radio in my 2015 Toyota Corolla. My old Microsoft Windowsphone  had no problem, and when I recently tried my sons iPhone 7 I connected it in less than ...

Level 2: Rookie


I have contacted Telstra technical services regarding this issue. The resolution was to return the phone for a new one. However I am not entirely sure if this will fix the issue.

The issue I am experiencing is, while I am connected to WiFi, my phon ...

Level 1: Cadet

Does anyone know if wifi calling works on the Pixel?
Running 8.0.0. I've checked Google and it seems the Telstra Pixel is missing the option?

Level 1: Cadet

Hi all, I was just wondering if the Google Pixel 2 will come with eSIM or not? And whether Telstra One Number will support it or not ? Like the Apple Watch Series 3. Thanks in advance

Level 1: Cadet

Hi,This seems like a very popular phone in JBHIFI and Telstra SIM combo. I recently upgraded from my Pixel 2XL to this . However, lack of RCS and all incoming pictures coming compressed is dissapointing.

Level 1: Cadet

Does Telstra not look after loyal customers anymore???.. I have been a long-standing customer with Telstra and normally have a very good experience with them. I have 7 services with Telstra. This week I wanted to port a number and add a new mobile an ...

Level 1: Cadet

Having an issue where the quick charge function doesn't work. The original power brick and cable doesn't charge the phone, and have to use a normal USB to USB C charger which take's forever to charge and shuts the phone off occasionally.

Level 1: Cadet

<removed for your privacy>

Level 1: Cadet

I have yet to receive the 8.1 update for my Pixel 2 XL however my girlfriend received it early December. Google haven't been getting back to me so I went to the Telstra shop on George street Sydney I was advised they cant help unless its been 2 month ...

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