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why get a contract phone with Telstra if they refuse to update the os
Surely they should have said that they won't do updates when I got it
I'll get off contract phones from now on.

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Re: Updates

I think this is Android specific... I have been using iOS phones for ages (since iPhone 3) and never had problems updating them to the latest version on Telstra... Perhaps you're barking on the wrong tree and should bark on the Google instead... That would be in line with what Google does to other things too - i.e. deprecating features everyone uses and as a result breaking fairly legitimate websites, having vendeta against Symantec etc... I am not expert in this area, but I think that with iOS, Telstra can push their specific updates independently to iOS, but with Android they have to have specific Android update... Please someone correct me if I am wrong...
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Re: Updates

The difference with IOS is it is a single manufactured phone with exact hardware..easy to update. Android has so many different variables when it comes to updates. The google line of phones receive updates from google. Most other manufacturers rely on carriers to push updates, as the carriers need to add their crap to the FW. HTC is a low priority for Telstra. Just look how much quicker Optus/others receive the update...can be 3 or more months in advance. Telstra could push updates quicker if they needed to, however most people don't really know or care about updating. This is how Telstra works  Edit -definitely not barking up wrong tree...Telstra is responsible for updates full stop.  They should be released when HTC provides them, not months later.   

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Updates

Actually, the manufacturer pushes them out.

The manufacturer sends a copy to the carriers, the carriers test it, then send back any fixes that they found in their testing (could be network issues or the like), the manufacturer then fixes the issues, send an updated version back, it gets tested again by the carrier, this is done until the carrier is happy and approves the update and then it is a matter of waiting for the manufacturer to do the OTA release, this is done in batches of small numbers of users and then up from there and is usually done over about a week.

A delay can be at any part of the process, it could be on testing, it could be on correcting issues, or it could be in the queue to push out the release... Each manufacturer has different devices and carriers which are prioritised, for example, flagship devices usually get these issued fixed quicker than a cheaper device.
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