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Cannot connect Google Home

We have just bought Google Home and we are not able to connect as we cannot remember our Network password.  I guess this means what our internet password is - how do I retrieve this? 

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Re: Cannot connect Google Home

It is generally written on the back or underside of your modem/router

If it is a Telstra gateway you would of gotten a card or fridge magnet with the details on it.

Alternatively you can go to the following with a device already connected and retrieve it or > WiFi
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Re: Cannot connect Google Home

When I set up a home mini, I didn't need to enter a network password. Have you installed the Google Home application.

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Re: Cannot connect Google Home

My issue is that I can set the device up but it reports “cannot connect to cloud”. I assume it’s a WiFi problem. I’m using the a test Gateway on the NBN

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