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$20 saving on cable broadband plans

The sydney morning Herald reported in May 2019 that those on broadband cable who were already receiving the Ultra speed Boost would get a $20 discount because all those on cable who were paying for 50Mbps speed would now receive a free speedboost. See attached article. I have not seen a reduction in my bills so how do I get the $20 refund each month ?. I am currently on a Telstra T-Bundle Connector Everyday

Standard Speed - Cable (although I have always paid and i am getting the speed boost) and i am paying $100 per month (home phone included).

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Re: $20 saving on cable broadband plans

I was on cable 100MBPS, rolled over to NBN and was placed on the 50MBPS, Telstra advised me my offer to be eligible for the 100MBPS would only last 12 months before it was taken off again and I would need to pay the additional $30.

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