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4G cable failover slowed

So, with my HFC cable fault now lasting 4 days, the 4G failover in the modem has been taking the load, but today I received a notification that my 4G backup will be slowed unless I reconnect to the cable service via rebooting etc.

Thinking that this notification must have been triggered by my cable service being restored, I undertake the reboot. But no! The modem is still falling back onto the 4G backup AND my service has been slowed to pretty much unusable.

I make the call to Telstra service, who eventually inform me that the cable service is still actually faulty (yes, I know that). But why oh why, given that fact, am I hamstrung nonetheless by a slowed 4G service?  

The CSO did restore my 4G speed, but I wonder why it takes the customer to call, rather than merely having the 'system' do a service check before shooting out emails and SMS insisting the customer reconnect to the cable (I know that ADSL users try to 'game' the system this way in order to get a superior 4G speed - but I'm on HFC!). C'mon Telstra. Talk within your departments! 

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