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ADSL nightmare. Help?

Can anyone give me some advice and direction?


November 2019

Moved into new apartment. No NBN.

Signed up with an ADSL plan with a free smart modem. Never intended to use a phone but the package included a phone line. 

Modem arrived. Plugged it in. WIFI Worked brilliantly.


January 2020

Got a call from Telstra saying a technician needs to come and set the phone line up for use and that I've been given additional back up data to use on 4G. 

Received text with a time for the technician to come out. Confirmed date by replying yes.

Received email saying a new modern is on it's way. (Wait, why am i receiving another modem)?

Technician never showed up.


Still January 2020.

WIFI still not working.

New modem arrived (still unsure why

I'm receiving this).

Rang customer service to find out why wifi not working and why a new modem is behind sent out.

Telstra customer service could not locate me in their database.

New modem arrived. Wouldn't work while being plugged into phone line but worked connected via 4g. 


Still January 2020

Received Text from Telstra with another date for the technician. Replied yes. Technician never showed.

Wifi stopped working.

Received Text from Telstra saying i had to ring to organise technician.

Rang Telstra. No record of me as a customer.


Mid February 2020

I have 2 smart Gen modems from Telstra, I'm not a customer on their records and i have no wifi


What do i do?

Do i go though the process of signing up again as a new customer?

Do i use the modem and go with another provider?


Can anyone give me some advice? 

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