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ADSL2+ Interleaving won't turn off.



I am trying to turn off interleaving on my ADSL2+ connection and it just doesn't work.  I have tried through the usual channel of changing my line profile to fast, wait the 4 hours, reset the modem, but interleaving is still on.  The profile page shows it has changed to fast, but in my modem I can still see it on.


Path Mode(downstream): Interleaved

Path Mode(upstream): Interleaved


This should say FastPath when interleaving is turned off.  I rang customer support and they went to the same webpage and confirmed the profile had changed to fast.  Apparently they ran some line tests which said interleaving was off.  But when I ping servers I can still see the interleaved ping still.


FathPath (no interleaving) pings


ACT to Sydney: <20m or >= 13ms s

ACT to Melbourne: <30 or  >= 20ms


Interleaved (interleaving on) pings


ACT to Sydney: >=40ms

ACT to Melbourne >=50ms


I have tried 3 different modems, and all have interleaving on still after reconnecting.  Modems I have tried are:


Telstra supplied Thomson TG782T.

BYO Billion 7800N.

BYO ASUS DSL-AC68U (the above Path Mode stats are from this modem).


I have tried changing from fast profile to standard, wait 4 hours, and change back to fast, wait 4 hours.  Still has interleaving.  I have also tried changing from fast profile to noise protection 1, wait 4 hours, and change back to fast.  Still has interleaving.  Customer service on the phone won't or can't do anything because the proflie page says I am on fast and interleaving is turned off. but my modem statistics and pings say otherwise.  How can I escalate this so I can get someone to investigate my service and turn off interleaving?  Thanks for your time.

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Re: ADSL2+ Interleaving won't turn off.


You would be best to ring Telstra technical support on 133 933, and ask to speak  with a Level 2 technician.


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Re: ADSL2+ Interleaving won't turn off.

Thanks, I will try that.

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Re: ADSL2+ Interleaving won't turn off.

Just replying to update the situtation.  I didn't have time to call that number until today, but they said I could either raise a ticket with them or call the Level 2 area directly, on this number (1300361145).  I rang them and spoke to them, they did some line tests and detected a fault somewhere on my line, so a technician is coming out to investigate.  Hopefully this will fix the issue.

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Re: ADSL2+ Interleaving won't turn off.

Another update.  Line got fixed, something wrong outside the house, the speeds are back to normal again (12~Mbps down and 1Mbps up).  Going to try changing the profiles again and hopefully that fixes it.  Currently changing from Fast to Standard, will leave it overnight, change back to Fast in the morning.  Hopefully tomorrow afternoon Interleaving and the double ping is gone.

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Re: ADSL2+ Interleaving won't turn off.

Another update. the Internet is even worse now.  Back to 2Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.  Apparently something in the telephone pit was bad and they fixed it, the Internet was flawless for 6 hours, and now it is even worse.  The only change I did was go from Fast profile to Standard, with the intention of going back to Fast to see if Interleaving would turn off.  Gone back to fast, it is still on.  Subsequent line tests afterwards reveal no issue from the exchange to the pit.  So it must be the phone line inside the house and now a technician needs to come again and check inside the house.  Interleaving still won't turn off, even after a level 2 technician change some code in the script on his side and applied it to my connection, rebooted, still can see interleaving turned on.  This is getting quite frustrating now...

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Re: ADSL2+ Interleaving won't turn off.

Another update.  For some reason when I changed my DNS to automagically obtain the speeds are rubbish.  So I changed it back to my state, got the IP address from telstra for the state, and my speed is back.  But still can't turn off interleaving...  Telstra say it is off at the exchange, the line tests say it is off, but I can still see pathmode = interleaved in my modem and the pings are still pretty crappy.  Hopefully the technician will figure it out when he inspects the house.  Otherwise, I am really tempted to move ISPs.

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