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Access Time Restrictions



I have a number of different questions:

1.  I have Telstra Cable Broadband so have a pretty new router (not sure of the exact type atm).

I set up Access Time Restrictions (using myAccount on Telstra) to start at 9pm on all nights except Saturday night. However, on Saturday, at exactly 9pm, off went the internet. 


I used to set these times directly on my router, but this required the time and date to be set in GMT time. The time discrepancy is not to GMT time. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


2. My son says that when I have blocked all internet access he is still able to access the xbox. Why is this the case? This is really one of the things I most wanted blocked? 


3. Can xbox blocking be included in home work time? That would be really great Smiley Happy


Thank you.

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Re: Access Time Restrictions

You are much better of setting time of day rules in the Gateway rather than the online account. Your son has probably got around the parental time controls by modifying the network settings on the Xbox. Parental controls in the Gateway work on the MAC address of the device so your son should not be able to bypass the controls. The current Gateways don't need the settings to be set to GMT. They work on the local time zone.


See section 6 in the documents linked below for how to set up parental controls.


Sagemcom F@st5355

Telstra Frontier Gateway


The Telstra Gateway Frontier has a similar GUI to Telstra Smart Modem and Gateway Max II


Set a strong Admin password for the gateway so that your children can't log into the gateway and modify the parental time controls.



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