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Account says ADSL2+ but router says different



Was curious if anyone else had an issue with your account saying your on ADSL2+ but really on ADSL1, my rate in the router states 3200Kbps down and 384Kbps up, mode is ADSL_G.dmt.  I am quite sure the exchange is not even ADSL2+ capable (Wesbrook Exchange, QLD).


Anyone have any ideas.


Cheers Jason

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Re: Account says ADSL2+ but router says different

Your account likely refers to 'Elite' which is the fastest possible speed available to you. If you do not have ADSL2+ available they will provide the fastest ADSL1 connection that your line will support.
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Re: Account says ADSL2+ but router says different

Kalak is more or less correct, easiest way to tell for a home user is to look at the upload speed. 384Kbps is Open or 8MB capped ADSL 1.


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