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Anything I can do?

I'm kind of lost on what to do.


My family uses ADSL, however- it doesn't have even half the amount of upload speed I need to do live streaming (which is my best and honestly only source of income because I'm a high school student and I don't have enough time to work nor will anyone hire me due to my limited time-). I get about 0.0 - 0.7 mbps of upload speed and that is if I am lucky.

And we tried to use a Extender but it's not even slightly better and we gave up when all 3 of the extenders that we own won't connect to the Modem!


So my family decided to change to NBN (and I'm pretty sure Telstra has no control over this-) but that was over half a year ago and im starting to get antsy. NBN was meant to be connected around October - January 2020; But now NBN says that it'll be connected in June 2020.

And unfortunately I don’t think I can wait that long. Im trying to be patient but I’m getting very nervous as the date extends. I moved in July; NBN is said to be installed from October-January; I’m being told now by my parents that it will be installed in April - March; and NBN is saying it’ll be installed in June.

What is going on??


I feel absolutely hopeless and I'm so close to just giving up my job because whenever it gets close to the date- the date moves to 6 months away! It's just become upsetting and I don't even feel hope that I'll get better internet till I've graduated.


Please, if someone has any advice or ideas or anything- I'd be grateful!!!


(I'm also sorry if this seemed like a large rant- I'm just on the brink of giving up hope entirely)

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Anything I can do?

Live streaming never really worked well on ADSL, as it is just too slow (max 1Mbps upload).

The only real alternative in your case would be mobile broadband, but you would quite quickly run out of data (which is quite expensive).


Basically it will come down to waiting until the NBN rolls out in your area.

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Re: Anything I can do?

@BunnyBRZ  You may find a viable interim solution using a Month-to-Month 4G LTE Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband which retails for $85 per month after you sign up to purchase a Huawei B525 (CAT6) or Netgear AC800S (CAT11) from the carrier. Both come with a 500 MB per month data allowance. If you live near the cell tower of the carrier, have a mobile connected to its service to see if you get strong coverage you should enjoy speeds greater than ADSL2+. 


I activated a B525 for a friend last week as the ADSL service which was terminated by the RSP who has refused to reconnect it back on and NBN is scheduled for June 2020. NBN overlooked their apartment when they ran HFC down the street earlier on this year - trying to address this with NBN. As an interim solution which costs nearly the same as an NBN 50/20 in price, the modem showed 5 bars of signal and the speed was better than ADSL2+ - at 5pm it was approximately 20Mbps DL / 20Mbps UL and the modem is capable of higher speeds subject to load on tower, time of day and other in home usage factors.


The B525 is an under $200 solution, has 4 LAN ports and is more flexible than the faster Netgear AC800S mobile hotspot which has no LAN ports. The B525 is also available on a 24 month plan free of charge, but the Month-to-Month plan provides more flexibility to stop it when the Telstra NBN comes your way. Monitor your data consumption to make sure you stay within the 500GB limit and you may be OK. 


This map will show you your local cell towers for all carriers when you enter your post code or address.

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