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Are There Any Issues With Cable Internet ?


I received an email last Thursday saying there would be disruptions to my service from 24th - 27th June between 10am and 3pm each day. I live in Allambie Heights 2100 in NSW.


Last night when I got home I was informed by my family that the internet was down.


I investigated and it did seem to be the case.


I cycled the modem and then connected a laptop directly via Ethernet cable to the modem and attempted to get to speedtest.net but it timed out.


Google had still not loaded after 15 minutes.


I rang the number in the email,133933 from memory, and the person who answered said there were no outages but there was an upgrade in progress.


Being about 7.30pm and pouring with rain I found the 'in progress' a bit hard to believe.


He then added "to be honest we've been receiving a lot of calls from all over NSW, so we're waiting to hear from our technicians in the field to see if there is something going on, but it should be fixed within the hour and definitely 24 hours."


When I questioned the fact that he had told me there were no issues but it would be fixed within an hour he replied "it's an upgrade it will go no longer than 24 hours. If you give me your mobile number I'll SMS you when it's available in about an hour". I'm still waiting on that SMS.


Anyway over the next five hours I must have reset my modem at least 20 times with little luck, occasionally it would appear that things had returned to normal but then it would be back to slowdown. Sometimes the modem wouldn't even connect to the Telstra network and the light would just continuously flash until I reset the modem and hoped it worked.


Ironically after the NRL finished The service did seem to spring to life so I wondered if resources had been diverted to NRL on Bigpond to cater for the State Of Origin ?


I managed to get to Speedtest.net and it told me the ping time to the Telstra server was 17ms download speed was only 39Mbps whereas normally it's 90+ when connected via Ethernet as I'm on Ultimate 100 bundle but upload speed was at 0 or 0.01 and ended up timing .out, normally 2.4Mbps.


Shortly after, the service dropped out and the light started flashing on the modem.


I gave up and went to bed.


This morning I tested briefly on my iPad using the Speedtest app and ping was 19ms, d/l was 19 (normal about 35-45 over wireless) but u/l got to 0.02 at best.


So what's the story ? Is there an outage or not. If not, why was I told it would be fixed in an hour, which it wasn't and presumably as I've not received an SMS has not been yet ?


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Level 4: Private Eye
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Re: Are There Any Issues With Cable Internet ?

Seems there was an issue which eventually appeared on the status page and was supposedly from 10am to 3pm yesterday.


Anyway all good now.

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Level 4: Private Eye
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Re: Are There Any Issues With Cable Internet ?

Seems there was an issue which eventually appeared on the status page and was supposedly from 10am to 3pm yesterday.


Anyway all good now.

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Re: Are There Any Issues With Cable Internet ?

Anybody considering installing cable internet should be informed that the primary internet address set up in the process is embedded and CANNOT be changed later. I found that out to my cost when I carelessly allowed access to that address to someone who was untrustworthy. The only way the address could be changed was to terminate my connection and contract and begin another, a process I was told would be straightforward but took about a month to resolve. As a compensation Telstra gave me a $10 per month discount on the new contract and upgraded me to an Ultimate cable (which was what the original contract was meant to be, but wasn't.)


My recommendation: use the primary email address only for communications with Telstra. Set up a secondary address for all other communications. Telstra should inform customers of the unique nature of the primary address when setting up the cable connection, not leave them to discover it when a problem arises.

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