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BigPond Broadband Benefit......the low down.

We have been receiving a few enquires on how the BigPond Broadband Benefit here's the low down.


The BigPond Broadband Offer could give you a $20 per month discount off your BigPond ADSL/Cable monthly access fee, if you simply take up a new BigPond Broadband service, or if you re-contract an existing service.


To get the BigPond Broadband Benefit pricing, you simply need a Telstra full service home phone plan on a Single Bill with your BigPond Broadband service on a 24-month plan. If you’re an existing customer, you may need to recontract to get the BigPond Broadband Benefit.


It’s important to wirelessly connect multiple devices such as PCs, MACs, T-Hub, T-Box, tablets and smart phones using your home internet service. That’s why we also offer a rebate on our Home Network Gateways (Wi-Fi modem) as part of the BigPond Broadband Benefit.


The BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway is now available for RRP $48, or for just $2 a month for 24 months when you take up the BigPond Broadband Benefit. If you’re a Cable customer you pay $0 after the offer rebate.


Once you sign up / recontract, you will receive a written summary of the offer you have selected, called a ‘My Offer Summary’.


It is also worth noting that our services are billed one month in advance, so depending on your sign up date and normal Telstra billing cycle, which is located on the front page of your Telstra invoice. So you will generally see a part month and one full month worth of charges.


The $20 discount you receive via the offer is not displayed when you log into your ‘MyBigPond’, however is listed on both your monthly invoice and can be displayed when you access your ‘Telstra MyAccount’.


Hope that clarifies how this offer works and where you can find the discounts either online or on your actual monthly invoice....


Happy Surfing everyone....


CrSmiley TonguewdSurfer


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Re: BigPond Broadband Benefit......the low down.

I recently had my phone line connected and signed up for the bigpond elite 50gb liberty for 24mths. I received my first bill which has my mobile, home phone and internet billing on the one bill but I only received a $10 "full service fixed phone credit". Shouldn't my Adsl fee be $49.95? Not $79.95?
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Re: BigPond Broadband Benefit......the low down.

Hi halbesma.


Have a chat with us here: and we'll ensure you're receiving an discount that you're eligible for. 


- Tim


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