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Cable Internet Outage for last 4 days and no restoration ETA

There has been a Cable Internet outage in my area (Coburg, VIC) since Saturday 5th Jan 2019. At first the website said it would be restored within 9 hours, but now it just says "To be confirmed" and the cause is "an issue in the nbn network".


I suspect the answer to this post will be "it's an NBN issue so there's nothing Telstra can do" however the problem is that my Cable service has not been migrated to the NBN. According to the NBN site, NBN will not be rolled out at my address until "Apr-Jun 2019".



telstra outage.JPG

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Re: Cable Internet Outage for last 4 days and no restoration ETA

As the NBN is currently being rolled out in your area, NBN Co has taken ownership of the infrastructure and are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repairs (they take over when the roll out starts, not when migrations start). That is why it says that it is an issue in the NBN network.
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