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Cable Lead in from Power Pole

Hi all,

I'm scheduled to have Telstra Cable installed next Monday. Telstra Cable runs beneath the power lines via the power poles in my street, not via Telstra pits.


1) What is the actual process for the lead in/drop cable to be installed into my house from HFC below the power lines? As in step by step.


2) I only want the cable wall plate installed in the very front room, so will the the Telstra tech need to get into the roof crawl space to do this? My house is brand new, and I cannot for the life me find the man hole, such that getting into the roof crawl space might not be possible.


3) Generally how long does the entire installation take if a drop cable is needed to be run from the street?


4) Do Telstra run lead in cables for HFC via the twisted pair conduit for new premises? I have noticed newer houses in my area don't have HFC lead in cables from the power poles, yet I assume that they have sort of HFC connection (be Telstra or Optus)


Many thanks

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Re: Cable Lead in from Power Pole

I'm in a similar situation and would like to know as well!

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