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Cable activation

hey guys,


i had bigpond installed over the last 3 days (yep took 3 days for them to hook up the cable) so finally sat down at 4.00pm yesterday (29/5/13) to activate it.


i was shown the "activate" page where i put in my new bigpond email and password. it accepted my credentials and said it may take up to an hour to activate. 


i waited an hour, rebooted the modem. waited 2 hours, rebooted the modem. it's been over 21 hours now - still no internet.


i've tried contacting support twice only to be told "its still provisioning". reading around here and other places - it seems my modem isnt registering its mac address with the billing system.


is there anyone here who can check it out and perhaps speed up the process?

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Re: Cable activation

Same thing has happened to me and a lot of others, in fact it seems this is the norm for Cable installation.


I have been waiting since Sat with no resolution in sight, you need to get it escalated to higher support and start waiting.

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Re: Cable activation

Happened to me too but about six weeks ago. It took two weeks to activate - hopeless.
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Re: Cable activation

thanks guys.. 


looks like im in for a wait. what a joke.. you'd think they'd have this whole thing mastered after how many years they've been offering cable. at least allow the first level support guys diagnose the issue and regsiter the damn mac addresses.

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Re: Cable activation

Oh gosh. I too am getting this issue.  I don't want to have to wait two weeks... how long did it eventually take for you to get activated Ideasman?

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