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Cable internet not working correctly.

I have Telstra Cable. I am having at least the following issues which started  from last month.


difficulties connecting to the program Steam and unable to launch battle net at all.


while on wifi connection unable to load any youtube videos and unable to use Wechat call function.


 if I switch over to my phone's 4G hotspot everything works fine.


is anyone else having such issues?


I have called telstra tech support and they are less than helpful, said they are only able to help with passwords.

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Re: Cable internet not working correctly.

Have you tried a router power cycle?


Is there a certain time of the day this occurs?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Cable internet not working correctly.

If you are accessing games from overseas, they are most likely being affected by the three cables that have been cut leading in to Hong Kong. This has put some strain on international routes and is affecting gamers.


There isn't a great deal that can be done to rectify the situation as the cables need to be repaired (and aren't Telstra owned cables), which takes time and requires favourable weather in the region.

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