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Cable internet slow/unusable at Pennant Hills.

Seems that although the official cutoff date in thornleigh (via PH exchange) for NBN is Nov 9, Telstra has prematurely started replacing the technology.
After an agonising 2.5hrs with Telstra 24x7 Chat, I got no where with 3 different "technicians". Not 1 person could work why the internet speed had dropped 90% and so has been referred to a "case manager".  yay!
Seems they let it slip that:
1) Cable internet for Telstra customers in the area are being affected
2) Slow down of the cable internet is due to the switching of technology
3) They (Telstra).. have placed an order to change to the NBN then cancelled it.
4) They are holding a gun to our heads to switch to NBN immediately.

5) Seems for the next 5 weeks we are locked into the NBN 10 plan.

This is really poor service from Telstra!

Does anyone have any appropriate contacts within Telstra to resolve this type of issue?

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