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Cable service running of 4G now no foxtel or Steam

I lost my cable connection last week when some idiot (Telstra Tech) disconnected my house from the Arial tap on the street to connect a new house up to cable. I have been a cable client for nearly 4 years so had the old modem with no 4G backup. Rather than reconnect me as they should have ( the new customer should never have been connected) Telstra's solution was to send me a new modem with 4G backup and expect me to use this until the replace the 4 port Arial tap with an 8 port one. Yes this has been raised an escalated 

Now I have the new modem connected running of 4G but we can't connect to services such as Steam and our Foxtel Now which I get via a Telstra TV  connected to the WiFi fine but says it can not connect to the internet. We have a similar issue with services such as Steam and GOG they just will not connect

All the lights on the modem are green

Is there anything I can do to get these things working on 4G or are we screwed until we get a full cable service back

Please any help would be appreciated my son has Autism and use the Internet daily and this is causing him and his parents undue stress


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Re: Cable service running of 4G now no foxtel or Steam

A lot of people have this problem with the GEN 2 modems. Some have resolved the problem by setting up static IP addresses and custom DNS on all your devices. Do a google search on setting up static IP on the devices operating system for steps on how to do this. Also Turn of LAN IPv6 in the modem (Advanced > Local Network)


Use the following settings.

IP address 192.168.0.xx xx is a number between 2 and 254. Use different number for each device.

Subnet mask

Gateway address



Suggest you try static IP address on one device first.

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