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Can I be compensated with mobile data credit for home internet outage?

I have been experiencing home cable internet outage for four days (since Sunday 2 Dec), following a lightning strike on the street that killed some some of our network gear (router and one motherboard network adapter kaput). The Telstra Gateway Max modem appears to be fine - yet it still cannot establish a WAN connection, showing synchronization failure.


As a result of the outage I am relying on tethering my PC and laptop to my Telstra mobile, which is chewing through my 8GB data cap quickly (while only being one week into the billing cycle). Support originally informed me a technician visit would be organised to restore the cable connection, though upon following that up today with secondary support (1800 117 969) apparently there is no visit necessary (or was even registered) and the problem is "currently being investigated". Chat support later told me that it is expected to be resolved "some time today". That remains to be seen.


In any case, at this point at least 2.5GB or 30% of my mobile data has already been used up purely to compensate for the lack of home internet service despite still paying for it. I will not be surprised if this continues for longer. I believe the newer modems have 4G cellular backup built into them - can this data quota not be applied to my mobile as it is fulfilling the exact same function? I will *not* be paying any excess data charges when my 8GB quota is inevitably exceeded as a result of this. 

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Re: Can I be compensated with mobile data credit for home internet outage?

Hey @wholesaler, you'll need contact the faults team and request interim data be added to one of your mobile devices, chat with the team here
For Official Support start a Secure Chat , try the Online Troubleshooter, Outage Check or Complaint.

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