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Can I go back to Cable Internet? NBN constantly drops out


I constantly have drop-outs in my area Post code 2100 Beacon Hill and neither Telstra or NBN can determine the root cause. I may have 3-4 hours of very good Internet service, but then the next 3-4 hours have a dozen 10-15 minute dropouts. I can definitely state the issue is with NBN or my cable to the telegraph post. It has been bad for several months with the odd drop out here or there, but this past week has been horrendous. I need Telstra to speak to NBN to sort this out once and for all. NBN came out on Monday morning and ran a test and said it was fine... Yes it was at the time. But 3 hours later it dropped at least a dozen times between 1-4pm. Today has been just as bad. Please help. Telstra says NBN is likely doing maintenance activities in my area. But when I check it says no maintenance activities.

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