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Can I have Internet without landline

Hi there,


I know this is a very basic question, but I'm going to ask anyway!


I've just moved to a new house and am trying to get internet & Foxtel connected. Turns out my house has never had a phone line installed at all, so rather than costly cabling work, trenches etc etc I was wondering if there was an option for wifi at home without a landline. 


My town isn't yet on the NBN so it's ADSL only out there, but I'm hoping that won't matter too much. I'd only need it for a laptop for study purposes, but would like to stream movies or get a smart tv etc (like all normal people do nowadays). I figure I can get Foxtel separate to Telstra rather than bundle it. 





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Re: Can I have Internet without landline

You can get cable internet, but anyway you look at it's going to cost.

You can't get Naked ADSL is there was never a phone line there.

If you are getting Foxtel I would get cable internet but it can be expensive, your only other alternative is Mobile Internet via a Wifi or USB dongle

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