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Can't connect printer to modem via Ethernet cable

I have just recently got my old Telstra modem replaced with a new one because of constant NBN drop outs. After setting up the modem, I tried to connect my printer via the ethernet cable. For some reason, the gateway is not detecting the connection. I go to and the printer is not listed as a wired connection. 

The printer was working on the old Telstra modem via the ethernet cable. Please help.

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Re: Can't connect printer to modem via Ethernet cable

Id recommend going through the network set up on the printer or unplugging it from the power for a few minutes. It is probably holding on the an old IP address from the old modem and just hasn't asked for a new one. Turning it off then back on should fix the issue.
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Re: Can't connect printer to modem via Ethernet cable

The printer might be set with a static IP address. Either factory reset the printer or go into its network settings and make sure it is set to use DHCP or to obtain IP address automatically

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