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Change from ADSL to ADSL2 plus within Telstra

Why is it so hard to find the right person to ask!

I live in a regional area (according the Telstra world) but work in Brisbane… Buts that beside the point.

I have ADSL 1 (8mg supposedly, 6 is the best when no one else is home) and indications suggest that I have ADSL2 plus ports available in the area albeit limited amounts…  How can I get someone to investigate to this, then update my profile to enable a greater speed?

Working from home is painful, as a VPN adds considerable speed issues on an already low speed. Just cannot find anyway to move it along.

Sent email, made calls but to date haven’t had things come back!


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Change from ADSL to ADSL2 plus within Telstra

Which exchange are you on?


Also, switching to ADSL2+ may not get you much greater speeds for a number of reasons (the increase in speed reducing in amount the further away from the exchange you are, congestion at the exchange may now allow any greater throughput than you are currently getting, line quality may not allow faster speeds, the list goes on).


I have even seen people get worse performance after switching from ADSL to ADSL2+. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it can happen. As for the VPN, which software are you using to connect (I realise that this is usualy governed by the company you work for)? I have found that Cisco is by far the worst on lower bandwidth systems, it doesn't seem to cope particularly well.

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